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15 thoughts on “Here is your treat….

  1. yeah a happy Halloween to all of you also. It may not be one to you, but Halloween is a Holiday. One that is shared in several countries. Holidays have always been honored on this site. I guess honoring anything is beyond the grasp of these 3.

    Lets look at the 3 above. Such nice sweet people. They have nothing to add, nothing really even to say, except to be rude.

    And look at the comment from the woman…. Such a delightful piece of trash, such a creature of refinement and class.

    I apologize to the rest of the community that there are those amongst us that are so consumed with hate and bile that they must inflict it on others, and that I give them the opportunity to display their true souls on All Souls Night.

  2. it set the standard for what music videos were supposed to be, the problem is the only one that ever made them on this scale of production was Jackson.

  3. oh should we go down the list of musical perverts and drug addicts and then not listen?

    who would be left?

    Michael Jackson was scum, but that doesn’t make the video any less of an example of what a music video could aspire to be.

  4. Bit of a surprising comment from the usually rational Peter. Michael Jackson’s music rightly stands apart from his supposed private proclivities. It is daft to suggest playing his music somehow promotes paedophilia.

  5. Ok, it’s just that Jackson has always left me cold, even before his perversions were known.

    I take the point. Wagner was a deeply unpleasant anti-semite, but much of his music is sublime. If you’re interested check out Siegfried’s Funeral March

  6. He left me cold too. Something slimy about him, something not right.

    Not my cup of tea, but he did have talent.

  7. i don’t care if MJ was a pervert. That’s his business and any consenting individuals involved. I don’t think he was a MJ was a child molester but if he was I would call him that not pervert. He was as odd as they come and I think that oddness made him vulnerable to app sorts of accusations.

    Musically, I liked his earlier stuff, including Thriller. When he started to really disfigure himself, he got too uncomfortable to watch.

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