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Greetings geeks.

I’m due an upgrade on my mobile phone. For what I’m paying now I can have a Samsung Galaxy S3, or for an extra fiver a month I can have an S4. I only need really it for phone calls, mapping and maybe the sat nav, if it’s better than my Tom Tom. I don’t need extra megapixels for a camera (I have a camera which is easily good enough for me), nor games, nor online streaming thingies, nor anything else really. It’s just the phone, maps and sat nav which I’d find useful.

(And each comes with unlimited calls for free. Gosh I love capitalism and free markets.)

Do I go for the S3, or is the S4 worth the extra five quid a month given my requirements?

All advice gratefully received, ta.

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10 thoughts on “HELP ME OUT HERE PLEASE

  1. Ah for the days when all one could do with a mobile phone was make phone calls!

    Modern stuff === Too complex for an old reactionary such as I

  2. My Blackberry does all I need, very efficiently.

    I had a brief flirtation with Android last year, never again.

  3. I’ve heard of this Android thingy, but have no experience. I’ll see then.

    Is Blackberry still around? I thought it had all gone wrong.

    In other news, Peter, I’ll be watching MOTD 😉

  4. In other news, I won’t, but I did watch the League Cup match at the Emirates a few nights ago 😉

  5. So did I, knowing full well what the outcome would be (come on, Bendtner vs Torres?!) and the outcome met my full expectations, but I’d still have taken the points this weekend in exchange.

    Up the Gunners!

  6. Dream on Pete. Two or three injuries and you’re out of contention, a consequence of years of under-investment in players, which one marquee signing (what if he gets injured?) can’t reverse. I’m afraid the Sperz are nailed-on to finish ahead of you this time. But cheer up, Newton Heath will miss out on top four, for the same reason. Only in their case the under-investment has different causes.

  7. Peter –

    We have more than two or three injuries right now. Yesterday there was no Wilshere, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski or Flamini.

    A consequence of the under-investment in the team (or, paying your own way and paying for your own stadium and not going hundreds of millions into debt for short-term gain) is that Arsenal now is in an astonishingly strong financial position. The £42mil splashed on Ozil wasn’t a one-off, it’s now where we’re shopping while Newton Heath, Barca and Real Madrid are heavily in debt.

    Sperz are no better this year than last despite all the money spent. I’ve seen nothing to suggest the new signings can make a difference like Bale did so often.

    I reckon Newton Heath are on the down. Demento retiring alone means they’re less effective. I don’t rate Moyes at all and I’ve never seen anything progressive in his football. He’s won nothing and has very little European experience. Compare his Everton style with that of Martinez. Everton fans wouldn’t have Moyes back. All in all I think Moyes was a great appointment.

    Top three will be Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Citeh (in whatever order).

  8. I want one of those new watches like Dick Tracy had. Have you seen the ad?

    I’ll never buy one though, I carried a phone for 16yrs. I was on call 24hrs a day. I’ll never own another one. They’re a leash

  9. Neither. Go for a Sammy Galaxy Note 3 they’re pretty awesome. Sent from my Sammy Galaxy Note 2….

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