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The Prime Minister has sent out his official Christmas card, and how charming it is. It shows him and Samantha with their adorably pretty three-year-old daughter Florence Rose Endellion Cameron. You can see she’s pretty because her face is not pixelated. Let me explain. DowningStreet has sent out ferocious letters to newspaper editors explaining that photos of Mr Cameron’s children must on no account be published unless their faces are pixelated. In the same breath, however, it invites the media to reproduce Florence’s face prominently – in a Christmas card photo that bears no sign of photoshopping at all. Well, unless you count the suspicious disappearance of one of Dave’s chins, but I could be wrong about that.


Using an innocent child for political ends…..Yes, he really is a true Leader.


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12 thoughts on “Florence used by the Machine

  1. A spontaneous moment of happy, loving joy … pity about the 300 other snaps which didn’t make the cut. What a dull assignment that was for a professional snapper.

    Still, job done for the heir to Blair: no Jesus, no Christianity, not even any jingle bells. It’s the perfect political Christmas card (as if the PM has any business sending out Christmas cards).

  2. I would guess that Samantha Cameron is a fairly normal woman with a well adjusted baby girl.
    How this duo continues as such, with an abnormal, maladjusted man in their midst is sommat else.

  3. Here’s a Christmas card from me, featuring me.

    How bizarre. Is this what politicians do?

  4. Not sure how fitting it is for an official card. Maybe better to have a christmas scene with a group of Chelsea pensioners (nice christmasy red).

    Fine for personal cards. It’s gives a sense of message from the family.

  5. Notice the totally blank background on the photo.
    Isn’t this the run-up to Christmas?
    Opps sorry, he has to send the same card to his mudslime friends too.

  6. His other children would have been photographed for the card too if he hadn’t left them at the pub that day.

  7. Does Cameron’s daughter only have one eye, or is there some occultist meaning behind it?

  8. It’s a phony, contrived photograph with nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas. Why anyone would be delighted to receive it is anyone’s guess.
    I once tried sending out pictures of myself and Mrs Agit8ed.
    The level of hate mail jumped alarmingly…
    The only consolation being that I suddenly had enough bricks to build an outhouse.

  9. Merry Christmas little Florence. When you get older you will see what sad lives some people have that they complain about everything, including Christmas cars. Until then have a very Merry Christmas.

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