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Programming note: You won’t want to miss the conclusion.

See also Eco-lunacy: Brits Want To Force ‘Carbon Ration Cards’.

H/T: Mark

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2 thoughts on “Understanding ‘Carbon Ration Cards’

  1. Global warming policies = collectivism = enslavement = rolling back the industrial age for what? a fraction of a degree?

    I don’t have a jet with which to escape to the Bahamas – I’ll be on rations while the wealthy elite ski in Chile and boss me around.

    This just sucks. Obama will make Jimmy Carter look like Truman. And McCain is not too far behind.

  2. Mark Levin is a constitutional law attorney who has one of the fastest growing radio programs in the US. His research into subjects is imbecable.

    I know that clip was to long for the likes of Frank and Peter to maintane their attention, and the video editor throwing all those pictures of Marx will turn off half of the rest of this crowd,

    However I find it interesting that he is discussing an actual plan by the British government to ration all aspects of your life and the only two that comment on it are yanks

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