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It all goes to show, not all climate change stories end badly!



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6 thoughts on “Climate Change positives!

  1. So, 100,000 bats all fell from the sky and all at the same time, due to the heat .. err yeah all righty then.

  2. I though these bats were nocturnal and roosted in trees during the day.
    Fruit farmers won’t be sorry though.

  3. It’s all the bats fault of their own making, the same goes for those dinosuars, if only they had paid that little bit more tax 😉

  4. How is the sudden death of 100,000 bats a good ending to any story, regardless of whether it’s a climate change story or not?

  5. Exactly, Troll. These bats are important to the ecosystem. To say it’s a good thing for 100,000 of them to suddenly die only shows the lack of understanding as to their role in nature.

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