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As I am firmly of a right-wing perspective and persuasion, to state that I held in strong affection a man who always held strong left-wing views is no anomaly; in fact I hold several members and former members of the Labour Party as people who are always to be remembered as people of conviction and purpose, never veering from the course that guided their very lives. That I often thought that their pathways was the way towards delusion and devastation is beside the point, they did not hedge their bets, they did not adopt and discard policies and beliefs with the changing of the seasons or even the months, they were true to their standards. Names such as the glorious lunacy of Antony Wedgewood (Tony) Benn is one, where a scion of the aristocracy tried, without any success whatsoever, to announce to everyone, in that truly cut-glass accent, that he was just another Labour supporter, was so funny; mainly because he thought he had achieved proletarian anonymity.

I write of one such left-wing man, whose beliefs were well hidden to most, whose talent and range of acting could be written for a long time, who was a good kind father, husband; but will forever be thought of as the slow-witted ‘Trigger’ of ‘Only Fools and Horses’. A man whose innate acting ability, along with the ability to keep a dead-pan face, resulted in the two best-remembered clips on television. A man for indeed all seasons, and who will forever be remembered as the man who identified the most fleeting film actor who ever played a role by his words “Ghandi”!

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6 thoughts on “and this is how he will be remembered

  1. What an absolutely brilliant series this was, and Trigger aka Roger Lloyd-Pack was one of its stalwarts.
    He was one of this nation’s favourite sons for playing that part so well and adding authenticity to the plot.
    Great condolences to his family and friends.

  2. Trgger’s Broom.

    Sadly the BBC web page demotes one it own to a side bar, while the Oscar’s (quite rightly) get front page billing along with some old crusty DJ, and an actress you would not have ever heard of.


    Its nice to know, he was better remembered by his fans than he was by his former employer.

  3. Another pointless and inaccurate piece of BBC bashing. When the death was announced it was on the Front main news page Mark, and was the lead story on the Entertainment section. Do you expect it to stay the top story for ever ?

  4. Colm,

    To quote “Momma” from The Waterboy…

    “You listen, Bobby Boucher. That BBC is the DEVIL.”

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