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and here is my C.V.

By Mike Cunningham On January 17th, 2014

Whilsts scanning through the news, I came upon this piece which stated that the West Midlands Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner owned a house on the ‘infamous’ James Turner street.

Now how she spends (our) her money is her business, one supposes, but, being curious, decided to check on her qualifications to act as the deputy overseer of West Midlands Police, and I came upon this small treasure-trove:-

Yvonne was formerly Vice Chair of West Midlands Police Authority, where she served on several committees, including as Chair of the Personnel Committee and Vice Chair of the Equalities Committee.  Yvonne also represented West Midlands Police Authority at the national Association of Police Authorities

Her other previous experience includes serving as Chief Executive to ACTIVE, Chief Executive Action Trust and Legacy Publications Producer and Publisher of educational material.  She has served as: Crisis Intervention Manager for Community Advocacy Support & Advice Organisation; Common Purpose Graduate, Director Birmingham Education and Training Academy and Chair of the Service Providers Network, Chair of the Council of Black Led Churches (112 Churches), advisor on the Interfaith Religious Board, Chair of the Birmingham Women’s Enterprise Development Agency and co-coordinator of two Supplementary School projects  Additional experience has included serving as: Commissioner of the Legal Services Commission and representative for Initiatives of Change which is a world-wide organisation promoting respect and peace.

Says volumes!

6 Responses to “and here is my C.V.”

  1. Common purpose graduate

    Well, there’s a surpise 😉

  2. Harri – Yvonne is fully qualified to monitor the police, even without the vital knowledge conferred by a Common Purpose course. This is the only qualification needed, as made more public:


    TORONTO – The Ontario government has launched a project to open up promotion possibilities for its employees — but only those who “self-identify as a black female” need apply

  3. Is Common Purpose ‘working’ in the US? I ask this because what follows is typical of their activities:


  4. “self-identify as a black female”

    Well if it’s up to each individual to self-identify themselves, surely we can all be black females if we want !

  5. Allan@Aberdeen, on January 18th, 2014 at 10:36 AM Said:

    Harri – Yvonne is fully qualified to monitor the police,

    Yes, I know Allan, after all ‘Common Purpose’ graduates are programmed taught to ‘Lead above authority’ .. that in itself is surely dangerous to normal society when can rise above the lawful authorities, is that not legalised state anarchy?

  6. Allan,

    You might have noticed, but the Common Purpose organisation move heaven and hell to restrict anyone requesting a FOI on current reprogrammed drones graduates, yet, they all use the same terminology, phrases [Lessons will be learned] and buzzwords to identify with other brainwashed drones graduates, I only hope that if the brown stuff ever did hit that whirrly thing, that those shits are hunted down first.

    By the way, I have list of commom purpose drones from 2007-2011 😉

    The BBC is full to the rafters with them, as is the NHS, The Quangos, ACPO [Gold commander, Bronze commander] and so on.

    No matter how much they screw-up, they can only go sideways and upwards.

    Common Purpose is the modern day Freemasons, only far more dangerous ‘Absolutely’ .. Common Purpose drones will understand the last bit 😉