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In the autumn of my life. I am still able to enjoy many things. I am filled with the simple wonder of watching my grandsons grow into small versions of what they shall eventually become. I watch and listen as my two adult sons, along with my daughter, travel the paths which they have chosen, armed with the education and innate sense which I hope they have inherited from their parents, my wife and myself. I can sit and listen to the wondrous noises generated by the genius of two hundred classical composers from recordings now imposed upon the hard drive memory of a computer, just one of the fantastic things which have evolved from the first ideas of transistors, silicon chips and Man’s own ingenuity. But still I return to the basis of all learning and enjoyment, the written word.

Some time back, I wrote a post on my own small site talking of some books which have made the greatest impression on  my mind, and I would like to add one more to that list. Frederick Forsyth wrote the first ‘Faction’ novel, basing his story of a ruthless killer whilst wrapping it around reality in the shape of President De Gaulle, and the aftermath of the Algerian revolution and the French military. Many have followed in his footsteps, and I would recommend a newcomer by an old hand to join the band of writers who grip the very thought in a reader’s brain; the writer is Robert Harris, the book is ‘An Officer and a Spy’, and it is a fictional account of the Dreyfus scandal which rocked the whole of France in the late 1890’s.

He takes the terrible injustice done to a totally innocent man, and weaves a story which mixes fact with fiction so that the reader cannot distinguish between the two. A rare story, and one for the bookshelf.


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3 thoughts on “and now reading……

  1. Somerset Maugham said that, as you get older, life’s pleasures get fewer but you have learned to enjoy them more.

    // Frederick Forsyth wrote the first ‘Faction’ novel,//

    No. There were many such novels well before The Jay of the Jackal .

  2. The Jay of the Jackal was a book about an assassin who tried to kill De Gaulle with second hand pot smoke.

  3. I heard FF speak once on the EU. It was thundering stuff. Although the greatest thunder was from Lord Shore.

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