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This is a foretaste of what lies in store

English is no longer the first language for the majority of pupils in more than one in nine schools, new figures have revealed. 

Last year the majority of children in 1,755 primary and secondary schools spoke another language at home following a sharp increase in the number of pupils with foreign born parents.

In more than 200 schools nine in ten pupils do not speak English as their mother tongue, with children speaking as many as 14 different languages. Across England, the number of pupils who have English as their second language has risen by a fifth to almost 1.1million in the past five years. Of the ten schools with the highest proportion of children who do not speak english as their first language, all but two are outside London.

The demographic is the future and this future is a Britain that is not English speaking. Enjoy.

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One thought on “BABYLON IN BRITAIN…

  1. One can only hope that when white English, Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh and RofI peoples become minorities they will be treated kindly.

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