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copy of a letter to my MP:-

Dear Roberta Blackman-Woods,

I write in connection with the reported voting fraud in Tower Hamlets, and would wish to address several questions to the Home Secretary

•        Why have all enquiries known about so far resulted in no prosecutions whatsoever in the field of electoral fraud or ‘personation’?
•        Why have the police not instituted, despite documented evidence, enquiries leading to prosecutions in this matter?
•        Why have polling stations in the Tower Hamlets area not been freed of voter intimidation as alleged on the blogsite; as well as the arrest of any person deemed to be harassing a prospective female voter on the grounds of ‘not being modestly dressed’?
•        May I also enquire, through your office as my M.P., why the Electoral Commission has not been directed by the Home Office to institute a thorough and all-encompassing enquiry into the allegations of fraud within the Tower Hamlets area?
•        Finally, will you ask the Home Secretary if any Police actions or investigations have been curtailed because of ‘cultural awareness’?.

If such questions can be asked within the House of Commons, or alternatively by written questions, I, as well as many, many others, would agree that true democracy is being served!

Yours sincerely,

Mike Cunningham

Well, one out of five, even at a distance, isn’t too bad!

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7 thoughts on “A letter, and a partial, tiny result

  1. Labour

    1st place 19,861 votes

    Postal votes 19,859

    Turnout 0.8%

    That includes UKIP, Lib Dems who lost there deposit again, and the Tories neck and neck with the Greens and the Monster raving looney party 😉

  2. Well done Mike for contacting your MP. My MP is also a woman, and I think women tend to be more conscientious than their male counterparts.
    However, those of us who do contact our MPs will surely see some of the weaknesses in the system.
    1)Because they are beholden to their party central office, they MUST toe the party line on any issue. To do otherwise is to effectively sign their own career death warrant.

    2) Because MPs must obey, the leadership tends to get advice and feedback that is broadly in agreement with their own stated policy.

    3) So leadership may suspect something is wrong, but if they are surrounded by ‘yes men’ and they ignore or don’t listen to the Electorate,
    and they know if things go really wrong it will be somebody else’s problem come the next election,
    and because they are cocooned in the Westminster bubble, they don’t always realise how bad things are; they just blunder on.

    I think MPs should be answerable to their constituents first and foremost, I think on issues of major importance MPs should have a free (anonymous) vote. That would better reflect the opinions and wishes of the people than simply toeing the party line.
    I emailed my MP along those lines, but she hasn’t got back to me yet…

  3. BTW, has anyone here who writes to his or her MP ever received a – personal – letter in reply?

  4. Noel Cunningham, on February 15th, 2014 at 11:24 PM Said:

    BTW, has anyone here who writes to his or her MP ever received a – personal – letter in reply?

    By ‘Personal’ Noel, do you mean one not sent in return, and signed by an assistant?

    That would be a NO from then.

  5. BTW, has anyone here who writes to his or her MP ever received a – personal – letter in reply?

    Mostly emails, some letters from government departments -written by assistants, ’tis true.
    But the point is that the more people actually contact their MP or the government, the more politicians are affected and made to feel accountable.

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