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By ATWadmin On June 10th, 2008

Readers know that I have resolutely supported many things that US President George Bush has said since 9/11. As has been observed here on ATW. I am perhaps one of the few public voices that stands up for President Bush here in Northern Ireland.  But I am most irritated at his pronouncement today that Turkey should join the EU. Yes, that’s just what we need – another 71 million Muslims.

Make no mistake, if Turkey does join the EU there will be another tsunami of Muslims sweeping across Europe and whilst I accept that nations like Germany will suffer most from this, the welfare paradise of the socialist republic of the United Kingdom will still be a very strong magnet.  For the EU to vote for Turkish entry is like a Turkey voting for Christmas.

On this issue, I absolutely disagree with Bush – just as I disagree with him on his support for the malignant Northern Ireland peace process and his support for a Palestinian State. You see on the right, we do not buy into group think and are quite happy to take issue with our leaders. Bush is wrong on all these issues and as is often the way, his final months in office are proving to be an embarrassment.


  1. Bush made similar comments about Turkey before. It was a gaffe then, and is a gaffe now.

    Most of Turkey is about as un-European as a country could be. Major error.

  2. Perhaps this proves the point Omar was trying to make?

  3. Probably b/c Bush has said it, it will give more reason for Europeans to oppose it. A cunning plan!

  4. A cunning plan!

    I doubt it’s anything of the sort. When the President of the U.S. speaks I’m sure his listeners are meant to take it at face value, and that his words would mean exactly what they say.

  5. He has said this before and it is as calculating now as it was back then – though less influential now as he is on his way out. Bit like Bush and his pipedream exporting of democracy, he sees the EU carrot and stick with entry requirements as a force for good.

    About this millions of islamic nutters David…You know all about the recent rejection of the Islamist party, its reinstatement of the university and public places headscarf ban (yay!!!) and its strong secular foundation? Way more interesting than anything Bush says.

  6. I’m not a big fan of Turkey, and wouldnt agree with its entry into the EU at the mo, but I would agree with Alison’s point.
    It is a secular democracy (albeit not overly liberal, and without enough self-awareness c/f Armenia).

    The problem we have with aspects of out Muslim society at the mo is predominantly due to the cultural nature of where first and second generation immigrants have come from – that is villages in Pakistan and some parts of East Africa. At least such was the case with the 7/7 bombers and the other ones who failed.

    That and the "zeal of the convert" sort.

    I am unaware of any UK based Turkish – or even Arab jihadis.

  7. David,

    This is Bush showing us how much America actually cares about Europe, which is not a lot.

    The US is only interested in Incirlik as a strategic base for its warplanes. That is the bottom line.

  8. Erin, that was said is jest, somewhat. With Bush one of his strengths is that he say what he means, and means what he says. I think he is wrong on this issue however.

    For one thing, I don’t think it’s in the president’s purvue to speak on this matter. For instance I wouldn’t want Brown saying that he supports Mexico’s inclusion into the USA for Christ’s sake!

    Turkey’s inclusion, which I understand not to be supported by the majority of Europeans, would IMO be the death of European culture. Not that the masters will aks the plebes.

  9. This is just a US plot to subvert and destroy the EU!

  10. Bush’s plot to destroy the EU by having millions of Turks swarming over our lands mirrors his plot to destroy the south-western states of the US by allowing millions of Mexicans to swarm over there and demand secession (reconquista).
    And will anything better replace him?

  11. He also said Turkey was his favorite dinner, after mac and cheese and spare ribs. I have a feeling that his departing thoughts have less impact.