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The stunning, colossal monuments of Ancient Egypt never fail to astonish. The heat, sight and the light of the desert invigorate. The cool, turquoise waters rejuvenate. A romantic cruise along the world’s longest river dazzles the senses. A first class getaway resort in the Red Sea Riviera is pure escapism. No place has the magic, mystery and pleasures of Egypt. Travel to Egypt to discover a world of wonder. We invite you to get the most out of your vacation with Egypt Travel, Egypt’s official tourism website.






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33 thoughts on “Ahmed, just recall the website, Yalla!

  1. The report leaves out that it was an attack on a coach load of South Korean Christians

    So, it was a bus load of Infidels then.

  2. Egypt’s tourism industry is being destroyed, and with it, any chance of a good economy there in the next decades. It is being crossed off everyone’s bucket list.

    I fully intended to go there by now. Now, I don’t care if I ever do.

  3. I would have liked to really see Egypt, but I just wouldn’t feel safe there now. Went through Nazareth 2009, felt the same way.

  4. So, it was a bus load of Infidels then.

    fortunately the first two rows of seats were taken by metal detectorists, so no harm done… 😉

  5. Yeah,
    fortunately the first two rows of seats were taken by metal detectorists, so no harm done…

    I guess they must have had them switched off 😉

  6. I guess they must have had them switched off

    A metal detectorist is rarely ‘switched on’ Harri. You should know that.

  7. Is it just me?

    I can not log onto ATW using Laptop since yesterday afternoon, but desktop is still okay?

    Error message ‘unkown login response’

    Petr, has commented since then, but appears to be the only person who has managed to do so, so i guess Petr’s system is working okay.

  8. Petr

    It just seems unusual that as from approximately 7.30pm yesterday evening, no other comments posted by anyone, the comments just stopped all of a sudden.

  9. Harri — I don’t think there’s any issue. Sometimes the site can go for a while with no comments. Three of us are commenting now; doesn’t seem like there’s a problem.

  10. Harri,
    I am currently getting the same message on my Windows7 laptop, but not my iMac. I can read comments but can’t log on, so I have to go onto my iMac to blog.

  11. I’d rather watch paint dry!

    You can’t believe how bad the US TV coverage of these events are. It is completely unwatchable IMO.

  12. Someone said that nearly all Winter Olympics are a form of slipping of one kind or another.

    There aren’t enough proper events to even have a proper Winter Olympics. There is the endless proliferation of fake sports added to it to make it seem like its a proper competition : luge, ice dancing, curling.

    In the US, all the TV coverage is ” US vs the world ” and I have no respect for that sort of approach.

    And also the US coverage is geared to ” human interest ” sides of it now as opposed to the athletic. This is based on the assumption that women won’t watch sports but that they will watch a tearjerker personal story. This reached a nadir recently when US skier Bode Miller won a medal, and the NBC reporter started asking him a series of questions not about the event, but about the recent death of his young brother. She would not let it go until she brought Miller, an emotional guy, to tears.

    The Olympics, and the TV coverage in the US, is the most awful thing.

  13. In general I am really against the multiplicity of sports commentators at every event. I know we touched on this re Rugby Union, but imo it is a growing trend and detracts from rather than enhances the coverage.
    I like it in the older days when reporting was usually just one person and was much more about recounting the action rather than the commentator giving his opinion, or anticipation, or past statistics, or what the guy is thinking, or what is going to happen next….

    Call me old fashioned.

  14. I suppose interest always depends on how close you are to the sport(s) being shown.
    If you played football in school, you will generally be hooked for life.

    Through my wife I’ve got to know a few skiers; the kids go skiing and skating every winter. A girl I’ve met took part in the snowboard event for Slovenia.

    Once you get into it, it is really exciting. I spent hours watching the jumping event last night.
    Bode Miller is a great sportsman; a real pity he didn’t get what he was after this, his last, time. The US ice hockey team is also a joy to watch.

    Of course, for Harri the Winter Olympics are just another slippery slope.

  15. Sports like ice hockey, speed skating, skiing, ski jumping, I’m all for them. They’re great competitions, and many people in the real world compete in these things.

    But artificial constructs like luge are only made for the Olympics. You surely don’t know anyone who luges on their weekends?

    And curling? It’s almost something from a comedy show.

  16. You surely don’t know anyone who luges on their weekends?

    Noel probably does.
    But his neighbours call it something else, and the Police have been called several times…

  17. Are people having trouble logging in to ATW? I was unable to log in from the PC but the iPad works fine.

  18. //And curling? It’s almost something from a comedy show.//

    Phantom, you are making derogatory remarks about sports that are a sacred tradition to many people !

    Here’s a spot of curling in bygone days.

    Curling is a great tradition even in the Anglosphere, here are some Scottish folk enjoying a game in the 19th C.

    Sledge racing also goes back to the Middle Ages.

    There is a huge range of different games, winter and summer, practised all over the world. I don’t know how or why the Olympic Committee decides which ones to choose for the Games.
    Why not caber tossing? Or that game of swallowing frogs alive that’s a traditional sport around where Agit8ed lives (you will have noticed how jumpy his statements here are). I personally would like to see recognition of the ancient Irish game of handball, which is played against a wall, or hurley.

    Once in the 19th C, ‘Buck’ Whaley, a member of the Hell Fire Club, went all the way to Jerusalem ON FOOT and played handball against the Wailing Wall for a bet (except for crossing the Irish Sea and the Channel, when he took a boat).

    This should be an Olympic event. Maybe we’ll have to wait until some day when Jerusalem finally hosts the games.

  19. When I was a young juvenile delinquent in Brooklyn, we occasionally went ” skitching ” behind buses.

    You held on to the back bumper or whatever, and went sliding on the ice. Safe as could be.

    Here, a Russian participates in this – proof that it is an international event worthy of being an Olympic sport.


  20. We also rode the back of buses by standing on the bumper and hooking the right hand around the last window on the right side.

    The go for a wee ride in traffic. Absolutely insane.

    They redesigned the buses so that particular stunt is impossible now.

  21. This site has gone all quiet. Which is OK once in a while.

    Off to sunny Bermuda tomorrow and Thursday.

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