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better late……

By Mike Cunningham On February 24th, 2014

My daughter, a Professional Mechanical Engineer, is working on a contract basis, and of course is fully paid-up with her taxes, as well as all the rubbish which comes with being self-employed.

So you can imagine her delight when she receives the latest letter from the Inland Revenue & Customs.

On the back of the envelope is printed “HMRC changed banks in April 2009. The old accounts are closing in 2010.”

I do hope they are just using old stock, and not just getting round to telling everyone that all their payments have been going astray for three years!


One Response to “better late……”

  1. ‘They’ know where we all are, it’s all on the database, ‘They’ are watching us

    HMRC launches campaign to smoke out tax cheats

    HMRC has launched a new advertising campaign today to urge tax cheats to come clean about any undeclared income “before we catch you”.