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By ATWadmin On June 18th, 2008

It is clear that the European Union is undemocratic and seeks to subvert the will of the people. That in itself is good reason to leave it.

Take the reaction from Brussels to the Irish people saying "No" to the Lisbon Treaty aka Constitution. This should have meant the end of it –  but it won’t. The Eurocrats have made cleat that they intend to move ahead and ratify this Treaty in their Parliaments, well away from the common people. The political elite seek to bring this constitution into being but the ordinary people of Europe keep voting it down when they are given the chance.

It seems that a majority of British voters want Gordon Brown to scrap HIS moves to ratify the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, a new poll has disclosed.  According to a YouGov poll carried out after the Irish result was announced on Friday, 54 per cent of British voters now believe the Government should drop the Lisbon Treaty – which would sweep away dozens of national vetoes – and not try to ratify it.  Only 14 per cent of those questioned agreed that the Government should carry on and ratify the controversial agreement, which would also create a new European president and foreign minister.

Those 14% will get their way as Brown bulldozes this through the House of Lords in the next day – with the support of the Lib-Dems. The British people will not be allowed to vote in it – just as in 25 other EU nations. Only Ireland HAD to try and win popular support for Lisbon – and the elite failed. There is something menacing – something smelling of rancid totalitarianism, emanating from the EU. It does not listen to the people, instead it tells them what to do. All European habits seem to die very slowly. EU uber alles.


  1. There is something very rotten in the make up of the EU. It is undemocratic, indeed it is anti-democratic, it does not listen to or heed those it regards as its citizens. It is corrupt and incapable of financial probity and acts outside of its own legal rules. And yet our politicians go along with this? For how long will the people of the UK tolerate such behaviour?

  2. It would be funny watching the eurocrats wriggling round their own rules if it was not so serious. This constitution is unashamedly federalist, and if they get away with it despite the Irish referendum, it will be an outrage against democracy.

  3. They shall win this battle, but are sewing the seeds for loss of the war for popular support.

  4. Phantom,

    I wonder of the seeds for a broader war are being sewn as the truth is embroidered to suit the EUSSR?

  5. The plan is to get 26 countries to ratify Lisbon and then put a gun to Ireland’s head. In on the basis of Lisbon or out of the EU.

    If we hold our nerve and vote No one more time we will be free.

  6. Henry94

    Being free may or may not be so wonderful. Though Norway is still out, (right?) and they do just fine. So long as the EU would not put up de facto or formal trade barriers, maybe it would be good for Ireland to leave something that is not turning out to be what the people signed up for back then.

    If a vengeful EU did put up trade barriers, that would be of course very harmful to the economy.

    And if Ireland were to leave, maybe others would also? I sure get the feeling that many in the UK would be delighted to join them in leaving, to perhaps form a new free association of sovereign and friendly European nations. Ireland, the UK and Norway would be a decent enough start.

    A small and nimble country could perhaps do better outside of the crushing bureaucracy, control and costs of Brussels. In a world that supposedly has free trade, maybe it should not matter so much to be inside the EU club.

  7. If we are to leave then it should be on very good terms. If Europe wants to go in a particular political direction then good luck to them.

    It should not interfere with free trade in any way.

  8. Phantom –

    If Ireland left the EU there would be no trade barriers. The other 26 nations of the EU contain millions of businesses, from the biggest to the smallest, who would not accept the imposition of export barriers to Ireland.

    If import barriers were imposed on Irish goods, well if the EU wants to make the people of those 26 nations poorer that’s up to them.

  9. "And yet our politicians go along with this? For how long will the people of the UK tolerate such behaviour?"

    Look at Cameron. If he were to promise repeal of the ratification of Lisbon after a Referendum if the Tories were elected he would wipe out UKIP’s vote in one fell stroke, incompatible though they may find that fact with their own wishes for reality to conform to their expectations. He would hoover up millions of Apathy Party people who feel strongly about being denied the referendum vote – it would be a landslide.

    But he won’t. Indeed the proforma letter being sent to all correspondents on the matter and his own statements make clear that a newly elected Tory government would shrug its shoulders and get on with it. The fact that he is prepared to sacrifice such obvious electoral gain for no good reason shows where his true allegiance lies and who his masters are.

    As for the British people, well you’d be amazed at how many will vote for the same party they have always voted for, no matter the candidate or the policy. I call it the Chimpanzee Factor – there are literally hundreds of constituencies where the right rosette on a chimpanzee would result in the election of Bonzo Oook MP. Sad and pathetic but true.

  10. lol