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By ATWadmin On June 20th, 2008

Showing it’s fondness for tyrannies – the EU has lifted sanctions imposed on Cuba in protest at the imprisonment of more than 70 Cuban dissidents by the Castro government. "Cuban sanctions will be lifted," EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said at the end of the first day of an EU summit in Brussels. Their definitive removal is largely symbolic but still a success for Raul Castro’s new government, analysts say. Several leading Cuban dissidents have criticised the decision. Miriam Leiva – one of the founding members of the dissident group Ladies in White – said the move was unwarranted as the island’s new president had not made any significant moves towards creating a more open or democratic society.

Miriam misses the point. The EU seeks to show it can have a foreign policy that runs diametrically opposite to that of the USA and so it grovels to Raul Castro and his thugs. I would suggest that there are plenty at the top of the EU pile who admired Che and Fidel and must delight in now cosseting up to another Castro in plain defiance of the USA.

5 Responses to “CUBAN SQUEALS…”

  1. As the linked story says, the EU is not a significant trade partner with Cuba and its sanctions were largely symbolic.

    But the point about an "EU foreign policy" is well made. That’s one reason why they’re so desperate to force through the new constitution, so that the "EU Foreign Minister" can strut the world stage.

  2. Peter,

    So true. It gives us an insight as to what lies in store for us when the new Constitution is railroasded home against the popular will. The EUSSR looks more and more like its Soviet role model.I’m sure tractor production figures will hit an all time high.

  3. >>so that the "EU Foreign Minister" can strut the world stage.<<

    So what? Would you prefer 27 foreign ministers strutting the world stage?

  4. Would you prefer 27 foreign ministers strutting the world stage?

    What?? There are 27 countries in the EU and, excluding the UK, only Germany and France matter to the wider world.

  5. At least those many foreign ministers would have some accountability in their home countries, and expressed the will of the people.