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A man of many talents and to long of a film history to list. He is now performing again with Judy.

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11 thoughts on “R.I.P. Mickey Rooney…. 93

  1. One by one, week by week, the icons of my generation shuffle off this mortal coil. All quite depressing, as it seems to be happening with increasing frequency – I guess that when your number is up, you just gotta go! – the one true equality…

  2. Ernest,
    Whether young or old we’re all on the same journey…!

    Mickey Rooney eh, to be honest I thought he’d already passed on.
    Didn’t much care for his style but boy, was he a worker! He threw himself into his roles and typified on screen a certain exuberance and simplicity. I liked the Andy Hardy stuff and wouldn’t mind seeing a few episodes again. ‘Happy Days!’ was a more modern version of the same theme. Loved that too.

    Well, a little fella with a big heart. God bless his memory.

  3. Mickey Rooney…involved with film almost as long as film has been around…or at least since it’s been accessible to the masses. Yeah, a little too sticky sweet compared with our own lives but his passing is sad. My grandparents were Mickey fans (of course, that’s how they grew to know films) and I feel the lost connection. So long, Mickey; give my best to Judy.

  4. Thank you for sharing that.
    Now get you back to your paint stripping
    and stop procrastinating..


  5. I’m stripping…I’m stripping! But I’m trying to reign in my overzealousness so I do it right…oh, yeah and work, you know, to pay the bills…:-) Started with the casual tables, next are the bar stools…I need to be expert by the time I get to the bookshelves.
    Mickey Rourke has produced some good stuff but he has to stop with the plastic surgery. Lord only knows what possessed him…besides drink and drugs. 🙁

  6. Have you burnt yourself yet? The old formula Nitromoors was very effective at melting paint -and skin -and glove rubber – and vinyl -and carpet…
    I only ever used paint stripper on grooved surfaces or carved/patterned wood. Even then it can be quite difficult to get the little nooks and crannies completely clean..
    But don’t lose heart.
    Work harder.
    Pay someone else to do it.

  7. Ernest it’s not just your age group. It’s nice that Rooney lasted to 93 god bless him.

    Here is a comedian that I once saw perform. He died yesterday also. Although he was only 50. I’m sure his heart gave out, he weighed about 300lbs. John Pinette.

    This was one of my favorite bits by him. Hope it makes you smile.


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