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By ATWadmin On June 26th, 2008

Wonder what you make of the news that Italy’s interior minister has sparked criticism with a proposal that would see police fingerprinting all members of the Roma community living in camps? 

Roberto Maroni, of the  Northern League, said the move would guarantee that those with the right to stay could live in decent conditions. Those without that right, including children, would be sent home, he said.

This sounds fair enough to me – assuming one believes that a Nation State has the RIGHT to decide who will stay within its borders? The EU does not go along with this, nor does much of the liberal intelligentsia. However I believe that if a Nation cannot democratically determine who will live within its confines, then it is not a Nation. So, whilst fingerprinting of a community sounds harsh – maybe even repugnant on first inspection –  it does at least represent Italy trying to defend its borders and perhaps that is a good thing…

6 Responses to “FINGERPRINTS”

  1. Fingerprint everyone or no one, otherwise it seems a little too Star of David on the jacket to me.

  2. Mahons,

    That was my first instinct too. But having thought about, Italy should be allowed to decide who resides in Italy. If some Romas are not wanted, that’s their call. But the Star of David on the jacket thing is in my mind and sits uneasily.

  3. Amos Luzzatto, the former president of Italy’s Union of Jewish Communities, said the measure was a form of "ethnic surveying".

    Thats my feeling too. Singling them out will only make things worse for Romas.

  4. Don’t be frightened now lads, the star of david yellow thing was in Nazi Germany, not Italy, who were not anti-anything in particular then.
    Let’s not have another case of Godwin’s Law here, yet again.

    The Italians know their history, and will recall that before the collapse of ancient Rome, the actual numbers of indigenous ‘romans’ in the city was less than 8%.
    They, unlike us, don’t want to go the same way.

  5. David: Yes, I read between the lines that it gave you some pause, and certainly Italians should be able to decide who gets to stay in their country. But I suspect there is a better way.

  6. First of all, what’s up with the fingerprinting? Don’t legal residents have proper identification? People without proper papers or legal status should be deported. Countries have every right to determine who is allowed entry and legal residency.

    I think the nub of the problem is the children born in Italy to illegal aliens. That’s an issue everywhere, what to do when the child is a born native and the parent’s have no legal right being in the host country at all – quite the conundrum if the law says where you’re born is where you have citizenship. Other than changing the laws, I can’t even begin to know how you sort this one out.