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It is my belief that Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus are musical composers par excellence. I have always loved the music of Abba and although it is many years since the band broke up, I can still find lots to admire in the melodies and lyrics. Some of it is corny but plenty of it is elegant. Take this song "Our Last Summer" – it has a cheesy lyric (Rhyming Restaurants and Croissants – genius ormadness?) but a delightful melody – the chorus has poignancy in the lyric echoed in the musical score. Oh, and yes, I did like Anna – the blonde!

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  1. it was worth listening to.

    Awful quit on here this weekend David. Is it a holiday or a particulary beutifull weekend over there?

  2. A Ginger v. Mary Ann debate if ever there was one. I agree with your appreciation of the group. I wonder if the upcoming Momma Mia movie could possibly be any good, or will it be as bad as the Bee Gees and Frampton’s Sgt. Pepper movie?

  3. David

    I think one of the Abba girls has a German father as a result of some Nordic ayran breeding programme in occupied Norway during the war. Do you know if this is right?

  4. Colm

    I did and got this:

    Lyngstad was born out of wedlock in Bjørkåsen, a suburb of Ballangen, near Narvik, Norway, as a result of a liaison between 19-year-old Synni Lyngstad (June 19, 1926 – September 28, 1947), and a married German sergeant, Alfred Haase (born 1919), just before the end of the Second World War and the German occupation of Norway.

    That means she’s 63 now, nearly as old as Mick Jagger!

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