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and then place thumb over button….and press!

By Mike Cunningham On May 7th, 2014

Apart from my own family, inclusive of my three grandsons, along with classical music, there are few things which move me these days.

So I thought I would post an amazing video of a truly amazing deep-sea vessel, built for one purpose, to lay large-diameter piping from A to B on the sea-bed with speed, skill and Engineering with a Capital ‘E’ at the forefront.

From a lifetime spent on engineering projects both small and huge, I give you the ‘Audacia’. This is Engineering with a high-gloss finish!

3 Responses to “and then place thumb over button….and press!”

  1. The genius of Dutch engineering mastery again.

  2. Impressive.

  3. Spectacular stuff. Those pistons are enormous.

    So that’s a Swiss firm, in a country without a coastline, procuring a magnificent vessel to lay pipes. This is the essence of public service.

    Truly, capitalism is the most wonderful of miracles.