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By ATWadmin On July 2nd, 2008

eiffeltoweeeu.jpgWell, I am no fan of the European Union but I have to say that even I was impressed with this visual image the French put on yesterday to mark Sarkozy becoming EU president for the next six months. It’s seriously iconic and shows us that the French do have great style! However the fly in the ointment has been the announcement by the Polish President that although his Parliament has ratified the EU Constitution, he will not sign it into law because, as he puts it, the Irish vote has already killed it off. Naturally the French and the other EU zealots are in denial about this and so it should prove an interesting six months as the Irish people are set up to vote again and vote correctly this time since that is the mechanism that will allow Poland to say yes in writing. 

The EU leaders appear determined to ignore the voice of the people. Their arrogance is breath-taking and it sends a disturbing signal that the EU is contemptuous of the will of the ordinary citizen unless it conforms to that which the political elite demand. Isn’t this really a tyranny we witness evolving? How can we stop it when even when we vote NO they still proceed as if it were a YES? Revolution once marked the streets of Paris, I wonder if the seeds of a future revolution will yet appear even under the shimmering blue neon of this landmark building?

One Response to “LIGHTING UP A TYRANNY….”

  1. It is impressive and a reminder that Europe is at its best when the individual nations can bring their own particular genius to the party.

    It is the attempt to impose a bland, bureaucratic, undemocratic model on everyone that is causing the citizens of Europe to cry halt.

    Sarkozy himself claims to be an admirer of Mrs. Thatcher and I doubt any serious historians would claim Thatcher’s early economic policies were a mistake. But if the EU controlled everything such a radical departure would be impossible. Or would have to happen everywhere (fine if it’s right a disaster if it’s wrong)

    Isn’t it much better to see a policy working in one country and they adapt it to your own situation.
    We need to use the European elections in 2009 to send a message to the elites again. We want a Europe of the nations and not a superstate.