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At my time of life, I was under the impression I had seen and heard of most things in this complex world we live in, but even I was taken aback at the news that this bloke has been sentenced to ten years in the chokey for ‘threatening to burn down a farmhouse and kill the farmer’ because the famer stopped him rolling around in cow slurry, and masturbating while he did so!

I speak from experience when I state that there are few things in the area of mental health disorders which would surprise me, mainly because I have a wide knowledge of the conditions and various malaises suffered by those unfortunate enough to have a mental health problem inflicted upon them; this experience and knowledge gained through the long illness suffered by my beloved wife, as well as the tortuous treatments ladled out over some forty three -odd years of our marriage.

But because nothing surprises me regarding mental health problems, the fact that, in our ‘beloved’ NHS, there are few things more truthful that stating that Mental Health is the true ‘Orphan’ both in funding, attitudes and hope for a better life for the afflicted, within the monstrous goliath which is the NHS; I think it is fair to ask if a e-mail onslaught against our MP’s may, just may, prove fruitful.

When there are plans to give young children huge doses of very expensive drug regimes when those children are being considered for ‘Gender Re-assignment’ surgery, surely it is about time that someone speaks up for those who literally cannot speak for themselves, and gain access to further scarce funding for both research as well as ongoing care for those true unfortunates with ongoing mental health problems.


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5 thoughts on “……. Coming through the rye!  

  1. At one end of Britain a man masturbates in cow slurry and at the other a man is convicted of having sex with his bicycle.

    And liberals want us Irish to believe all cultures are equal?

    I presume the man was overwhelmed the sheer sensuality of her forks, but on what basis can a person be convicted for having consensual sex with a bike in private?

  2. but on what basis can a person be convicted for having consensual sex with a bike in private?

    The police are pumping him right now.. He says once heclimed onto the saddle he simply lost his bearings..

  3. !! Good, Agi.

    Maybe it was a tandem and group sex is forbidden in Scotland.

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