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We read about the Lottery winners Christine and Colin Weir giving £1 million to ‘Yes’, the SNP’s side of the Scottish referendum, and, although some commented that two fools and their money were easily parted, not much notice was taken by the general public. Others shrugged, and stated that they could do whatever they wished, as it was their money. The SNP smiled with glee, but the majority, namely those who wished that the Scots would just shut the f*** up, and let everyone else get on with their lives, said very little indeed.

But let an extremely-well-known female author give a £1 million donation to the ‘No’ campaign, and the very mounted stags’  heads came off the wall in a vitriolic campaign against this author who was, after all, just doing exactly what the Weirs had done some time back.

It just goes towards proving that the Left have no sense of order, or propriety, or any grasp of courtesy or manners; or indeed how to behave in civilized company.

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6 thoughts on “See You, Jimmy!

  1. It just goes towards proving that the Left have no sense of order, or propriety, or any grasp of courtesy or manners; or indeed how to behave in civilized company

    So, JK Rowling is called names on unregulated social media and ‘the Left’ are uncouth barbarians yet there has been a subtle and not so subtle campaign of vilification by both sides in the Scots independence debate:


    You know, ‘the Left’ who want Scots independence.



  2. Anyone who gives that amount of money to any political campaign ought to have their head examined.

  3. Neighbours described their only hobby as ‘takeaways’

    Ah yes, the good old Daily Mail:

    Colin and Christine Weir eat at their local chippy three times a week and occasionally splash out on a bottle of Coke or Irn Bru

    Neighbours described their only hobby as ‘takeaways’ with their favourite being the town’s Fish and Chicken Bar.
    One worker there said: ‘They come in here three times a week. They always have fish and chips and either a bottle of Coke or Irn Bru. But they have never ordered a battered Mars bar

    Because all Scots diet is only consistant of fried food and carbonated sugar filled drinks.

    Judging by their photos to be sixty four and fifty five respectively the seem to be in normal to reasonably good shape for their ages.

  4. Yesterday whilst at the airport, I had a look at what the corporate media feed to the masses as their ‘news’. On the front page of every national newspaper, and I mean every single one, was the smug-shot of JK Rowling and her ‘donation’. This woman gave $1million to the Labour Party a few years ago when it was in government and, by magic, her books became required reading texts for the curriculum of high school English, and those books had to be bought – how nice. The report yesterday (in all the newspapers) stated that she had been getting unpleasant tweets etc. Call me cynical but, given the fact of the timing of the same report reaching all newspapers on the same day, I reckon that the ‘offensive’ tweets or texts etc. were planted by ‘no’ campaigners working with JK Rowling and that she’ll be gaining somewhere along the line.

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