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As I am always aware that I post on ATW as David’s guest; I would simply ask you to


Read My Lips!

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6 thoughts on “Read My Lips.

  1. Lol! 🙂
    Well said Sir,
    Say it how you see it Mike!

    We all need to start using these freedoms to get out opinions across while we still can.
    After much prompting from mois, my esteemed wife has just sent off a letter to Michael Gove.
    I have every hope that he will respond in person.

  2. And that is but one reason for my change of alliance. I have just about had enough of the ‘promises, promises’ tactics used to continue to ‘kick the can down the road’!

    Of course the list of failures over the past four or five decades, the lack of leadership, and the ‘Oh! so out-of-touch, with the voters’ impression made on an almost daily basis just about completes a ‘full-house’ of reasons to change my vote.

    That so many politicians, of any shade, have such a reluctance to accept responsibility for their frequent mistakes makes the decision of casting a responsible vote all the more difficult.

  3. Ernest, much as we natural Tories would like to, Cameron can’t be trusted. He would imv be equally at home in the Lib Dem camp.
    He is damaged goods and seems intent on throwing away the great opportunity he now has to call the EU’s bluff and either insist on a rewrite of our membership or lead us out to sink or swim in the international world of commerce. I think there are Commonwealth countries who would be willing to work with us.

  4. I happily state that I would not donate the sweat from my socks towards any programme endorsed by your slimy Party, which consists of fellow travellers, clowns, rich people trying to get richer, and stalwarts of my generation who have not yet reached breaking point with the Tories, but have stayed because of the ties which bind, and of the good manners which have stayed them from telling you the truth about your lies.

    Well said sir.

  5. I would say post some pictures of the meetings, but god forbid someones anonymity might get violated 🙂

    It would be nice though for those of us who don’t get to these events.

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