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By ATWadmin On July 14th, 2008

I see that the sack race and three-legged race have been banned from a school sports day because the children might fall over and hurt themselves. 

Parents and campaigners described the move as “completely over the top”. Teachers at John F. Kennedy Primary School in Washington dropped the events after discussions with Beamish Open Air Museum, where the Edwardian-themed sports day is being held today. Simon Woolley, head of education at Beamish in Co Durham, said: “We looked at a three-legged race and a sack race but what we want to do is minimise the risk to the children. We thought we would be better to do hopping and running instead because there was less chance of them falling over.”


18 Responses to “JFK GETS THE SACK….BANNED.”

  1. Perhaps they should abolish Sports day and replace it with ‘sit quietly and safely on nice soft cushions’ day.

  2. He should be a cabinet minister in charge of ‘knife crime’.
    Let them use plastic knives….

  3. The only argument is that in this day and age, if a child falls and hurts themselves while doing a Sack Race or a Three Legged Race, the first thing that is going to happen is that the school will be sued. Until we get rid of the Claiming society then this sort of shit is going to keep happening.

  4. JFK himself would be appalled.

  5. I actually think JFK would be wondering if there were any young, attractive teachers that he could get his third leg into.

  6. mahons

    I await your post on the death of Budweiser

  7. good witty post

    SACK HIM lol

  8. Phantom – Too soon, too soon. The emotions are too raw.

  9. Mahons/Phantom

    I’ve unintentionally accused DV of being a meat-pie seller. oops I genuinely thought he was in the catering business, and was having a wee joke.

    What does DV do for a living?

    I know it’s not politics, is it a secret?

  10. mahons

    There should be a national day of mourning.

    I invite you to consider the fine products of Brooklyn Brewery or Sam Adams. Buy American!


    I believe he’s an author.

  11. I believe David is employed by his local council as a gender race, faith and sexual orientation equalitiies empowerment co-ordinator with special responsibilities for tacking Islamophobia 😉 .

  12. David’s local council is either

    a) Run by the evil Shinners,
    b) Run by those Lundys in the DUP and UUP,
    c) A nice little combination of both.

    Considering his viewpoints, I don’t think he would work for any of the councils here.

  13. lol both of you

  14. Percy -you can ask him, if he wants to tell you he will. Oh there Colm let it out of the bag.

    Phantom – I am a stranger in a strange land without my brew of choice no matter how disliked it may be. When I come back from vaction in August we may have to arrange a summit so you can convince me of the value of your swill of choice. I’ll buy.

  15. mahons

    Done deal.Look forward to it.

  16. What are you all complaining about? Bud was bought by a Belgian company and every one knows that you can’t get better than a pint of "Beat the Wife".

  17. I might have to add some more adjectives on you Seamus. 🙂

  18. This Bud’s for you.