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A great deal is about to be spoken and written about the desperate needs of the Gaza Palestinians whose homes have been wrecked by the tank shells and F-16 bomb loads delivered with pin-point precision by Israeli Defence Forces, aimed and sent at the places which have either fired, or stored, the rockets sent by murderous Hamas terrorists against Israel.

The Disaster Emergency Committee has reached agreement with Sky and the BBC that their appeals for funding would be broadcast by both, as opposed to the terrible dilemma facing the BBC last time, when they actually told people about the terrible possibility that, by broadcasting the DEC appeal for Gaza, they would have been seen to be taking sides. We should perhaps be told what is so different this time, from the last time that the BBC was asked to broadcast Hamas rhetoric, as well the DEC’s propaganda.

We are about to witness another avalanche of verbal diarrhoea, all spouted by the ‘Useful Idiots’ so well described by Karl Marx, all in the so-called humanitarian cause of giving ever more aid to people who have, as far as I am concerned, brought this carnage upon themselves. Not too many people remember the truth that, after Israel voluntarily removed, at some great cost, the thousands of settlers, families and thriving businesses from Gaza, and handed Gaza over to the alleged self-rule of the Palestinian Authority, it was those same Gaza Palestinians who voted for Hamas, an organisation dedicated to one thing, and one thing only, the total destruction of Israel!

The fact that Hamas, after assassinating all the Fatah members it could locate, instituted a brutal theocratic dictatorship, is neither remembered nor recorded. Neither recorded is the total predilection of the terrorists of Hamas for diverting much of the concrete destined for reconstruction of the homes of Gaza towards the tunnels ever edging out towards the sleeping families in the Israeli kibbutzes half-a-mile from the border, where those proud Hamas ‘militants’ as the favoured term used by the BBC goes, were aiming to kill or kidnap those same Israelis who had so generously handed over the Gaza strip to their bloody control.

So, you should watch or listen to the broadcast appeals by the ‘Useful Idiots’ of the Disasters Emergency Committee, but think twice before handing a penny to that bunch, because every penny sent by you, means one penny more that Hamas will spend digging ever-longer and deeper tunnels in which to hide either the Hamas commanders, or their replacement rockets, destined for the Civilians of Israel, and coming soon to a bombsite in or around Israel.


As posted upon the ‘Tell the Telegraph’ website.

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3 thoughts on “‘Useful Idiots’ get ‘Charity Broadcast’

  1. the website you link to only lets you on if you Log In and Join.

    Your statement however nails it though. Any money sent to Gaza will not go to aiding suffering people, but to causing more suffering.

  2. I believe the MSM especially in the UK is being inexorably influenced by the Muslim community.
    If a minority wants to influence public opinion it can do it one of two ways or a mixture of both.
    Acts of violence or the threat of violence. This works as we know because Muslims who have railed against the country that pays their handouts are allowed to continue and fight extradition by recourse to tax payer funded legal aid.. The Tower Hamlets debacle has yet to be publicly condemned and investigated, and I doubt little will happen re Birmingham.

    Covert coercion, making friends, or any other methods which ensure the media cooperates..
    The influence of Islam continues apace in the UK. Imo it latches on to the British sense of fair play, human rights and pink and fluffy handwringing..
    All are useful tools and useful fools in ensuring that this country loses its capacity for independent thought and analysis.
    It’s a domino effect. Attack your enemies full on where you can, enlist the help of the west in helping defeat them whilst at the same time conditioning host countries to believe that resistance is ultimately futile.
    Game over…

  3. Good article.
    Israel has the Iron Dome
    Pallywood has the Flesh and Bone Dome…’the Bone Dome’ ..catchy.

    In any eevnt totally agree not a penny shall the ‘Terrworrwhists of Hamass’ get from me. Unfortuantely the Gov’t will steal or tax money from me and pass it onto the Hamass ‘Tunnel and Rocket restoration fund’. And there’s very little I can do about that. Oh well shootings stopped ..until Hamass decide to start up again…so same time next year? Meanwhile I sent a Pizza to the IDF so thats nice.

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