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In the good old days, this was what Africa was, and still is, famous for!

By Mike Cunningham On August 17th, 2014

So how do you combat an outbreak of a virus which is virtually unstoppable?

Well, if you are in Africa:-

Three Liberian patients received ZMapp on Friday, according to Tolbert G. Nyenswah, a Liberian assistant minister of health and social welfare. The patients signed consent forms stating that they understood the risks of the untested drug, and waived liability for any adverse effects.

The doses had been flown into Liberia after appeals from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia to President Obama and senior American officials. Its arrival last week lifted morale and “raised the hope of everybody,” Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf said. The situation, however, was volatile. On Saturday afternoon, several hundred people in an area of Monrovia known as the West Point slum broke through the gates of a former school that had been converted days earlier into a holding center for people with suspected Ebola.

Samuel Tarplah, 48, a nurse running the center, said Saturday evening that the protesters wanted to shut it down. “They told us that we don’t want an Ebola holding center in our community.” He said the intruders stole mattresses, personal protective equipment, even buckets of chlorine that had just been delivered. “They took everything.”


Yep, the very place where the ‘experts’ hoped to contain the sick and the dying was trashed and ransacked.

Modern Africa…………..Just like the old Africa!

Update comment!

‘in an area of Monrovia known as the West Point slum’ which is really difficult to distinguish from all the other slums!


15 Responses to “In the good old days, this was what Africa was, and still is, famous for!”

  1. somethings never change.

    Thanks for fixing the sidebar

  2. Troll,

    Sidebar fix????

  3. it might have been the one post causing it and now that it’s pushed off the page it fixed, but since Friday’s post about the rock star being arrested the sidebar has been stuck beneath the posts for some of us.

    If you weren’t effected Noel my only question is how wide is your screen?

  4. sorry Mike I must have Noel on the brain…. what a terrible thing 😉

  5. ZMapp – this is the new ‘miracle vaccine’? I wonder what’s in it.

  6. //In the good old days, this was what Africa was, and still is, famous for!//

    What was that, bad English?

  7. A peasants revolt – Good !

    They, the authorities, wanted to put suspected Ebola virus suffered next to the poor. But the poor said; “No !”

    So where do these suspected Ebola sufferers go now ? I know, put them next door to the rich, they will have them.

    Yes indeed, some things never change.

  8. there will be a lot asking that question since some of the material they stole was infected

  9. How did the wise-cracking plagiarist Einstein descibe insanity? Something like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Why do white people keep trying to help Africans? Here’s a brutally straight comment from another Irish site:

    The problem, of course, isn’t the niggers. Whether they be in Liberia or Brixton, the problem is us. Were we truly rational these creatures would have been eliminated from the planet ages ago and the productive lands of Africa colonised by our people. At best, a few of them would have been consigned to reservations, such as the gorillas and orangs are now, where they could continue their simple existence in their timeless way.
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  10. //Instead, our souls rotted with jewish liberalism and Christian charity,//

    It’s much more than that: our behaviour has been and continues to be guided by an innate sense of right and wrong. Those – like you – who deliberately turn a blind eye to it almost always end up destroying themselves in a kind of freudian suicide, often literally by suicide and often in gruesome death brought on by the destruction that they seem to have willed themselves.

  11. The “greatest enemy” of the Jews is a case in point. He brought on his own defeat and wretched end, and if you ever gave effect to your rotten views, Allan, you would no doubt end up the same way.

  12. Don’t forget the Corruption peeps. Africa leads the world in that….

    Nice to be Number 1 in something isn’t it.

    Britain is Number 1 in workshy feckless layabouts both domestic and Foreign…so thats nice. 🙂

  13. Noel – I used to believe that those poor wretched jews had a bad deal and that we owed them, and then I found out that they actually control everything that determines how we live – our money, our media, our politicians, our judiciary, our opinions, our ‘education’ systems. They can even make us believe that 6 million of them were murdered in a manner shown to have been a technical impossibility.

    I used to believe that Hitler was the worst human being who ever lived and I read Mein Kampf to have that confirmed, and it did the opposite. Put it another way: how many of our servicemen who put their lives on the line to destroy Germany in WW2 would have done so had they seen what would become of their towns, cities and country today?

  14. David,
    You are attracting the real racist/anti-Semitic nutters. It is your site and you have the right to vet comments.

  15. David,
    You are attracting the real racist/anti-Semitic nutters. It is your site and you have the right to vet comments.