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Have a look at this – the % of people unemployed by country;

27.2% Greece

24.5% Spain

12.3% Italy

12.0% Poland

10.2% France

9.2% Sweden

8.4% Netherlands

6.7% Germany

6.4% UK

Austerity doesn’t work, eh?

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  1. Compared th the UK, Greece and Spain have had savage austerity. And savage rates of unemployment, as the table shows.

  2. Austerity ???

    I suppose you confuse pay down of debt with mere servicing the interest on debt ?


    Kind regards

  3. It’s not so much the mild austerity of increased government spending.

    These unemployment rates are much more to do with the minimum wage, which makes work for the young, the inexperienced, the low skilled and those with low productivity levels illegal.

    Switzerland doesn’t have a minimum wage and its unemployment rate is negligible.

  4. Ah, but the orderly Swiss have a respect for government and process and planning and a population that is more likely to pay their taxes. And I bet that their bank and government numbers have been real for a long time.

    Everything basically works in Switzerland, and lots of things don’t work in disorderly, Greece where everyone plays the fiddle.

    An orderly society is going to do well over time, as respects unemployment and other things too.

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