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  1. Where is Europe? Good question.

    For starters, the EU is still scratching its head as to whether Ukraine is ready to join the civilised world.
    This YouTube clip is just one of half a dozen that depicts what happens on a regular basis in the Ukrainian parliament:

    But just look at the size of those guys! They all look (and behave) like mobster hit-men from The Godfather film.
    And they want to join Europe?…

  2. The survey on Where is Ukraine got some interesting results.

    Speaking of Europe, strange no post on the new Polish anti-Russian hawk as President of the EC, with an Italian hottie to replace Ashton.
    Don’t tell me we’ll have to wait for Nigel Farage for a response.

  3. Europe…. it’s over there on the screwed up side of the Pond.

    The post just asks where it is. There is no other context given. It’s a geography test. Such in depth posting your doing Pete first you accuse people of stealing land and get the amount of land wrong, now you post a picture with no context.

    Great job

  4. Indeed. Where is Europe ? Just like the US refers to itself as; “America”, so too does the EU refer to itself as; “Europe.”

    But unlike Australia or Africa, it has no real clear geological boundaries.


    . . . an Italian hottie to replace Ashton.

    Unless she passed the Berlusconi Bunga-bunga test, she cannot be considered as a, “hottie.” This is know and proven scientific FACT, just ask Silvio.

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