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Our friends in Kiev observed the ceasefire yesterday by murdering yet more women, children and elderly (graphic video here). It was so intense that even the junta’s press describes it as “Bloody Sunday”, with an estimated twenty innocents killed. (Oh, but Russia will face more sanctions if the ceasfire breaks down.)

That’s why American and German tanks are currently rolling across west Ukraine, the better to train our chums in killing with the arms NATO countries are now sending there.

Meanwhile Condoleeza Rice, while in Germany, revealed one reason why thousands of innocents are being butchered; it’s to ensure the US replaces Russia as a chief supplier of oil and gas to Europe. These people are truly evil –

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  1. Could you provide a translation for the Ukrainian news article you’ve linked to please?

    Obviously you wouldn’t want to give the impression that your posting stuff in a language you don’t read and you know nobody else here will read in order to bamboozle and mislead people into believing Russia propaganda. Especially as Google translate seems to imply that it’s reporting on the Russian “separatists” violation of the ceasefire when they attacked the airport yesterday.

  2. you know what screw you you kgb butt boy.

    Americans are evil, your a piece of crap, you’d be just another state in the vermark if it weren’t for us and I hope Hillary wins so there is no American gas or oil to send you. Let you lick the feet of the Russian to keep the damn heat in your houses on and your cars running.

  3. //you know what screw you you kgb butt boy. …your a piece of crap,//

    Did David not tell us to report this kind of stuff to him when it happens again?

  4. go ahead I already did Noel.

    As far as I’m concerned the gloves are off. I for one will no longer stand by while my country is called Evil while Pete praises Putin and you praise Terrorists.

  5. Calling Americans evil everyday is useful Though Ross?

    Troll- I think it’s clear that I don’t agree with Pete’s view of US influence in the world.

  6. Does Condoleeza Rice not know that crude oil exports are banned by the US, and gas exports are severely restricted?

    The idea that Europe could be supplied via a pipeline from the US is bizarre, and even a supertanker, loaded with gas or petrol would only satisfy European demands for about half an hour.

    Back to square one Condi, much as I like your piano recitals.

  7. I will desist in my comments.

    If David has said he will shut the site down if the fighting starts again.

    I am an American, and I am a Zionist. In that frame of mind Pete I ask you not to interact with me and I will not interact with you.

    The rest of you do as you please. If you feel your future is brighter with Russia, and Hamass than I wish you the best of luck.

  8. I haven’t seen the youtube but I will remind those here that Condi does not speak for the government of the United States any more than any coffee stained mook who writes on a blog does.

    Any oil and gas that the US winds up exporting will have many interested customers, including Japan and India. We could not supply them all, and would have no interest in trying.

  9. I haven’t seen the youtube but I will remind those here that Condi does not speak for the government of the United States …

    Condoleesa Rice is one of the most connected people in the US power structure – she is a ‘made’ woman.

  10. Good call, Bernard. I was about to mention the same thing.

    I would add that current export restrictions are likely to be lifted in the near future. Congress and the white house are feeling the full press from oil & gas lobbyists to expand markets for their bountiful supply.

    U.S. retail prices for natural gas and gasoline are falling due to the glut of product, corporations like their profit margins and politicians don’t like to see dynamic job markets collapse(or their campaign coffers reduced), which is what will happen if prices drop below drilling costs.

  11. Pete, I don’t get your current obsession with Russia.

    I watched the video twice and don’t see what you’re seeing.

    While most of the intelligent adults on this thread openly acknowledge the US government’s past history of brutish intervention, assassination, coup throwing and war making in many countries across the globe on behalf of corporate interests – I’m just not seeing it in the Russia/Ukraine context.

  12. “I will desist in my comments.”

    I doubt it.

    David doesn’t think the rest of us deserve the gift of your silence.

  13. Troll

    Learn to not get so angry over different opinions no matter how annoying or infuriating you may find them. You threatened to delete all of Allan’s comments on a thread of yours simply because he used the term ‘nutjob’ – yet here you are using far more abusive terms. There is no justification for it. I find Pete’s newly found hobby of portraying Russian as the victim of the ‘evil American empire’ just as baffling but there is no need to throw your toys out of the pram over it. Its just comments form an individual on a blog. Pete can’t hurt you or the USA.

    RELAX !

  14. Condi Rice is a member of the Stanford faculty. She’s more connected than most, but she’s not really part of any power structure.

  15. The Europeans have lately been pushing hard for energy to be included in the new EU-US free trade deal (TTIP). Natural gas prices in the EU are currently around three times the price in the US. If they are are able to get this through, Europe’s gain – in lower energy prices – will be America’s loss.

  16. In some ways, Noel.

    We’ll continue to pay higher prices but the high paying jobs will continue as well. I don’t know if I can accurately describe how huge an impact this drilling bonanza has had on our national economy.

    It goes way beyond the actual drilling sites and the local areas that are directly affected. A new natural gas transport facility is being built by TRNG on the shipping channel in Lake Charles, LA – its cost is in the billions. This means hundreds of high paying construction and consulting jobs on the front end and good paying permanent jobs once complete.

    The local economy grows exponentially which betters the life of average americans.

    If we bar exports, prices will eventually decline. Then drilling stops, great projects will be abandoned and high paying jobs will end.

  17. //The local economy grows exponentially which betters the life of average american//

    It will benefit the economies both in the US and the EU, that’s true. But US consumers will have to pay higher energy bills, and for families with kids and maybe living close to the poverty line, that won’t be good.

    But now to nicer matters: Daphne, I seem to remember you as a cocktail mixer/drinker, am I right?
    I ask because I just started mixing for the first time last week for the wife’s birthday party. I was unprepared and disorganised, but I must say I really enjoyed it. You get to chat with everyone who comes around for a drink and there’s no risk of ending up beside some crushing bore for the evening. I also freely sampled my own products, which were so good and I got plastered.

    I did S on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise, Sea Breeze and Mojito.

    And good tips?

  18. Troll: “I hope Hillary wins so there is no American gas or oil to send you. Let you lick the feet of the Russian to keep the damn heat in your houses on and your cars running.”

    Yesterday you were saying that you stand steadfastly behind Britain, that an attack on Britain is an attack on the US. In the next breath you said the Scottish independence debate was a great sideshow but you didn’t care if the UK broke apart. And now this. I’m confused — which is it?

  19. A blog is not real life. As much as I enjoy some of it – ross first comment is spot on – there are other things to concern oneself with.

  20. I spoke in anger.

    This site was set up as a joint community of Northern Ireland British and Americans to share in our commonality. To enjoy our joint heritage, while discussing the world situation and our positions on our Governments policies on them.

    It was not setup as a Government hate site. The Owner is a Politician, I was for decades a Party Official. It was meant to discuss where we thought our governments have gone down the wrong path, but not as a site for anarchy and hate towards those institutions. As a site of course for criticism, but one that shared in, believed in, and supported the principals of the underlying structure of both governments.

    Over the past 3 years it has degraded into a site that is filled with anarchistic hate, lunatic conspiracy theories, and pro terrorism. These are not the personal spats that will erupt amongst people this is change of underlying tone.

    During this change David has stopped commenting as to avoid confrontation, I have done the opposite and grown mean.

    As I said I spoke in anger at Pete. He has contributed towards this unhealthy underlying tone more than anyone. I was harsh to call him a piece of crap, but honest to how I feel. My animosity in my statement was directed at him, not Britain or NI. I do not cheer the idea of Scotland leaving the Empire. I believe it to be a mistake. I only observe that if they leave they will have managed it without planting bombs in public places. A lesson our Irish members should take note of.

    Daphne you have made petition for me to be silenced. As you said David will have no part of it. I do not like you, but I have made for no call for you to be silenced.

    Ross I do not believe you hold the same beliefs as Pete if you took my words that way they were not meant to express those feelings at you.

    I do not speak for David, but I know his love of country. I know the tone on his own site has driven him from commenting, not the personal spats. He started this site to discuss his ideas and feelings. He has decided not to comment because he chooses not to fight with those that have been commenting views that he opposes. As I said I take a different approach.

    I find it sad that ATW has become the home of those that hate their own government, believe in lunacy conspiracies, and those that support people whose philosophy and politics are alien and contrary to the history of our nations.

  21. So sorry, Noel.

    I mostly stick to straight bourbon or chilled chardonnay these days.

    My margarita recipe is pretty killer though.


    1/2 can of frozen Limeade
    6 ozs. white Tequila
    2.5 ozs. Cointreau
    A big squeeze of two lemon halves (strain the seeds)
    1 Tablespoon of powdered sugar

    into a cold metal cocktail shaker and shake like crazy, pour into glasses that have been sitting in the freezer. Over ice is optional. Serves four, double recipe as needed.

    Three or more of these tend to induce nudity.

  22. as for the production of oil and gas in the United States and the current cost. The U.S. is on the verge of a boom. One bigger than the original boom that allowed my country to grow at a rate faster than any other in history. The only thing standing in the way of that boom is the Government.

    We have the technology to extract oil and gas at a rate that will cut the price in half domestically, and create a vast excess to export. The Laws on exporting are easily changed, and the volume of production and sales will more than double any profits. The lower price will increase profits, not curtail them. The volume alone will achieve that for the oil companies.

  23. Daphne

    You leave because you choose to leave. I have taken no shots at you even as you have continued to do so at me. There are those here that welcome your input. The fact that you are unable to give it. Is due to your incivility no one else.

    Stop blaming me for your inadequacy. Grow up.

  24. Noel — A strawberry daiquiri is hard to beat on a summer’s day, and fun to make too. For winter evenings an Irish coffee is your only man.

  25. I yam what I yam!

    Troll today: “I do not cheer the idea of Scotland leaving the Empire. I believe it to be a mistake”

    Troll yesterday: “This whole independence thing is such a nice sideshow. I don’t care how it turns out, It’s a piss just watching the antics.”

    Go figure.

  26. in the summer take a blender fill it one third of the way with Bacardi 151, fill with ice, add lemonade to fill the gaps to the top. Blend into slush….

  27. Petr
    enough with the I yam stuff.

    The Scotland issue is a sideshow. There will be no ramifications except negative one’s for Scotland if it votes to leave. It will not hurt the empire. My observation is that they are doing it without violence. That was my point. You can try to make it into something else, but you do so only in your own mind.

  28. I give you the meaning how I meant them, how you read them is your problem.

    If there is no Empire than what is Scotland leaving?

  29. //If there is no Empire than what is Scotland leaving?//

    Oh, my God.

    Troll, what put it into your head that there is a British “Empire” – watching too much Star Wars or what?
    The Br. Empire ended after World War II, since then there has been a loose Commonwealth of nations. If you mentioned “the Empire” in Britain today, you’d be laughed out of the place.

    A key role in the ending of the British Empire was of course played by Ireland. Once we left, a lot of the other countries decided there was no point in remaining part of the club.

  30. //Three or more of these tend to induce nudity.//

    And you give me this tip only now? At out party there were 12 women and only 2 men.

    I must say I enjoyed inviting some of the more nubile guests for some more “Sex on the Beach”. I also laced my wife’s quota with double vodka so she was oblivious to my antics. It’s amazing the power you have as a barman.
    As the evening wore on, the peach schnapps ran out, which made by version slightly less exciting than the original. I called it “Sex on the Back Seat of a Dodge”.

  31. You can call it a union if you choose, it is the last remnants of an empire that once straddled the world. How you react to the word is strictly a thing on that side of the pond.

    England is England any other part of the Union is what remains of the empire. I assure you that word is not laughed at or derogatory on this side of the pond it does not hold any connotations.

  32. //England is England any other part of the Union is what remains of the empire.//

    Troll, believe me, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    “what remains of the empire” is called the British Commonwealth. Canada, Australia, India and South Africa and about 50 other nations are members. The titular head of the Commonwealth is Queen Elizabeth.
    The United Kingdom is something different. Believe me also, you would be laughed out of England if you went there and talked about “the Empire”, and if you said that the Empire is the UK, they would probably call certain service professionals.

  33. we are separated by a common language and different views of each others nations. Believe me a large part of your views on the US are just as wrong.

    I am not a student of English History as I am of American History. Tell me, how was the Union formed?

    To me a Nation is one Country How many country’s make up the United Kingdom? England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Are they not the core of the Empire? Did they all volunteer to be part of the “union” or was the Union formed Primarily through English Troops Centuries ago?

    Explain it.

  34. Troll,

    First, whether England, Scotland etc represent different nations is a question of definitions and will, ultimately, be decided by the people of Scotland the day after tomorrow.

    As regards how they joined up, first

    Wales and England joined in the latter Middle Ages, around the 13th C, after both had been invaded and conquered by the same Normans.

    Scotland was never seriously colonised by England, and around 1600 the two countries shared the same king, after the king of Scotland was invited also to take the crown of England. In 1707, the two countries formally joined, to form Great Britain, by an Act of Union passed by their respective parliaments.

    Ireland had been colonised by England around the same time and a colonial parliament was set up in Dublin (the capital of Ireland). In 1801, the English forced through an act of Union between the two countries – this created the United Kingdom (of England, Scotland and Ireland).
    Around this time the Empire was also gradually created – countries and regions all over the world ruled directly by the British Government in London, through governors etc.

    The Irish never accepted the Union of Ireland and Britain and in 1921 attained independence, which later became the Republic of Ireland. Unionists in north-east Ireland decided not to go along with the independent Ireland and took six counties of Ireland to form the province of Northern Ireland. The United Kingom was then the union of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Continuing chronologically, the British Empire was ended after WW2, when, to replace the old Empire, the British Commonwealth was formed, which is a voluntary collection of generally the same 50 states that had made up the Empire.

    Is that clear? I would know as little about the US as you do about the UK if I were to say that California is still ruled by Mexico, or indeed that the US is still ruled by Britain.

    Now, for your homework:

    1. Why did Scotland and England unite in 1707?

    2. What year was the Act of Union between Britain and Ireland?

    3. Why, at Diana’s funeral, was Elton John crowned the new Queen, when Diana has been only princess?

  35. Thanks for the complimentary remarks Daph’s, they were much appreciated, and I hope you stick around cos your comments are often humerus, and always informative.

  36. To me a Nation is one Country How many country’s make up the United Kingdom? England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    When did the state of NI become a nation/ country?

    I really do despair, geo political history isn’t exactly your strong point is it?

  37. Paul is Northern Ireland part of the ROI? Is it a State, County, or Province of England?

    You don’t view it as a Country, that doesn’t mean that you are right.

    Noel seems to me that in your own definition of the Union there was an awful lot of force involved.

    It’s all a mute point anyway as none of you are countries anymore. You’re just states in the EU whose laws are dictated from Brussels. 🙂

  38. The whole point of my comment was to point out the one subject that you are ignoring. Especially the pro-IRA/SF contingent.

    Scotland is trying to get out of the Union/Empire and they haven’t planted a single bomb.

  39. //Scotland is trying to get out of the Union/Empire and they haven’t planted a single bomb.//

    Troll, when was Ireland offered a referendum on membership of the Union?

    You should know by now that Ireland was made part of the UK by force and was kept within the Union by force. As Henry (now Simongrimes) said: we had to shoot our way out.

  40. unlike some here I don’t pretend to know everything about your Nations like many of you think you do about America.

    If I get somethings wrong, I defer to you. Unlike the arrogance of some in what they say about the US. Just as I an wrong on some of these issues so are you on ours.

    The difference is I’m willing to admit not just to you, but to myself that there are things about your Nations that I don’t understand.

    The one thing I do understand is Scotland wants it’s independence, and it hasn’t killed anyone with acts of terror to try and achieve that. On that I am right.

  41. Noel I am of Irish decent, I have family still there. I have no respect for the ROI because they could just as easily gone this same route and chose not to.

    You have acted no different than any muslim extremist.

    and on that note my part of this conversation has ended.

  42. Hate to tell you, but the United States won its independence through the force of arms, not via a referendum.

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