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By ATWadmin On August 2nd, 2008

Now here is an idea I can fully endorse!

Police have unveiled their latest weapon in the fight to clean up the streets  – a brush and a bucket of hot soapy water. Officers are handing the cleaning kit to anyone making a mess in public places and ordering them to wash it away.  Already nicknamed the ‘mop cops’, members of the patrol can arrest anyone who refuses to accept the chore. 

Those who urinate or vomit in public SHOULD be made to clean the mess up. It’s exactly what is required. They do not need to be arrested, they need to  be forced to clean up the disgusting mess they make.  I am sure we all share the experience of having to avoid all sorts of mess on the pavement and I think that this very practical solution is what we need to see more of. I also think that people like the 41 year old man in the linked story who urinate in public should be named and shamed in the local press. They need to be humiliated for their vulgar behaviour.

5 Responses to “MOP COPS….”

  1. Well there’s a bit of PR, done for the media and forgetten about next week when another gimmick will be rolled out.

    We know another gimmick will come along, because shame and punishment have been ruled out of order in caring, liberal Britain where we all have rights, we’re free of stuffy old conventions and no-one walks the streets entirely at ease.

    If the story’s legit, the most interesting statement is, He said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I was handed the brush and told to clean up – I could barely stand up at the time if I’m honest. ‘It is humiliating and no one likes to be embarrassed in public.

    Precisely. We’ve known that since each village had the stocks for miscreants. Shame and humiliation is a huge incentive to good order, just ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pink-clad felons in Arizona.


    It’s something the liberal ruling class knows, which is why every hooligan has rights innit, all the better for misrule and disorder.

    Which reminds me; are we certain that story’s actually legit? The absence of some tofu-wearing Leftie bleating about the yuman rights of the scrotes and scumbags of Torquay is a bit suspicious, and no-one’s out of the trenches quicker than a liberal when it comes to defending scumbags.

  2. When they talk of cutting down the size of the police force, I thought they meant ‘the numbers’, not the physical size!…

    Is it just my imagination, or are the police not only getting younger, but smaller as well…

    I remember reading a sci-fi story where the solution to overpopulation of the planet, was to genetically reduce the physical size of the population, and thereby reduce demand on resources. As I remember the target was a height of nine inches,

    Perhaps they are already adopting that tactic!

  3. "Those who urinate or vomit in public SHOULD be made to clean the mess up."

    Actually the slimeballs should be made to lick it up as the cam-corders record the event. Then the scene could be played back on the BBC at 6 PM every evening with the names and addresses of the guilty.

    By the way PETE MOORE tofu is for eating not wearing. ("tofu-wearing Leftie"

  4. How long will it be before some "liberal" judge gives one of these herberts a windfall compensation payout for damage to his "human rights" .

  5. I was thinking exactly what The Doctor just said. If this excellent gesture was genuinely to be enforced, and I don;t believe it will be , it won;t be long before someone in a legal/judicial position shoots it down in ‘Human Rights’ flames.