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Disproportionate Response

By ATWadmin On August 4th, 2008

The ever-dependable Richard North brings us news (via this Booker column) of the latest nail in the coffin of what remains of Britain’s Fishing Industry. It seems that our wonderful pals in the Marine and Fishing Agency spent a full year in creating a ‘sting’ operation to catch a small group of fishermen who were overfishing and selling above their subsistence-level quotas at who knows what enormous cost to the taxpayer, and then invoked a law designed to confiscate the assets of international drug barons and the like to deliberately cause them to be bankrupted or, as seems more likely, end up in jail.

What has been done to this once thriving industry since the traitorous Ted Heath agreed to its destruction as an ‘expendable’ bargaining tool for Britain’s entry into the EU is a national scandal. As North points out, the MSM with the exception of Booker is silent about this appalling sentence, as are our politicians of all stripes. This is a deliberately punitive measure designed to frighten the few remaining British fishermen into giving up and retiring into history quietly and without a fuss, lest they be bankrupted and/or jailed. Sail up the Thames en masse in protest as in recent years, and the MFA will be there, taking boat details and attempting to nail you if you fail to throw away every single one of the thousands of tons of fish that are wasted each year whilst Spanish and French trawlermen laugh at the stupidity of the British in accepting the draconian quotas that they utterly ignore, whilst plundering the fish stocks of North African countries which the EU has bought up at knockdown prices.

There are few areas that so thoroughly illustrate the pernicious and destructive nature of the EU’s influence – an entire industry wiped out, its remnants hounded into retirement in order to allow their compatriots in ‘favoured’ EU nations to prosper. Its too late to put Heath on trial for his treasonous ruining of so very many ‘expendable’ lives, but I look forward to the day when those British politicians still living who have cooperated in this crime against their countrymen do have their turn in the dock.

6 Responses to “Disproportionate Response”

  1. DAVID,

    You heap verbal vitrol on Ted Heath for the fishing debacle, and rightfully so.

    However I’d include ALL politicians who knew what the consequences would be by selling the UK’s soul to the European Union. The European Union was formed in order that the "Super States" France & Germany could gain economic control over the smaller States and thus legally (but not morally) suck them dry.

    Ireland’s in the same boat (sick pun intended) when it comes to its fishing industery, or what’s left of it.

    And, it all comes down to the Irish politicians thinking that the European Union would offer them NOT THE CITIZENS OF IRELAND the prosperity, fame and fortune they so dearly wanted.

    Well the politicians got the lift and the ordinary citizens were left with the shaft.

    Another facet of this unholy mess is that government has fed just enough scraps to the pitiful peasants to make them apathetic towards the future of their places as citizens of the European Union. Only until the pain strikes home, as in the fishing industry, will the common people cry out, but by then, as we’ve borne witness to, it will be too late.

  2. DSD –

    Fortunately the side-by-side wasn’t to hand when I read Booker’s column yesterday, otherwise something would have had both barrels. And where are the useless ‘Conservatives’ in all this? Where’s Cameron? Arranging himself in ‘natural’ positions for the press in Cornwall, but then he’s completely empty and not at all interested in politics, merely power.

    It’s not just politicians either. Our argument lies with the most useless monarch in history. The line goes that the Queen has merely been a tool of politicians, yet there’s not a shred of evidence for this. Privy Councillors warned publicly of the implications for our sovereignty and Constitution of the European Communities Act. We know the Queen was told by her Privy Council that our sovereignty is ended. Yet she did nothing to uphold her Oath or the Constitution.

    When Major declared gleefully in her Parliament that the Queen is merely a European citizen, she did nothing. When Brown signed the Euro constitution, she did nothing. She’s has 36 years to assert her rightful authority and banish foreign dominion in her Kingdom, yet there’s not a shred of evidence that she’s ever demurred.

    And now, three subjects of the Crown are to be ruined and probably have their liberty taken from them, at the behest of foreign diktat, for a ‘crime’ which our ancestors simply wouldn’t understand. And where’s thew monarch? Probably looking at horses, since this useless woman has been interested in nothing else all her life.

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  4. I read that one yesterday and I was shocked at the depths officialdom will plunge in order to get at our own people. The judge used legislation to counter drug criminals to consfiscate the property of the fishermen. It is despicable use of any legislation which causes me to oppose the 42-day detention proposal precisely because it would be used against anybody who disagrees with the LibLabCon establishment.

  5. It is reckoned that 50% of the fish landed in the UK and elswhere in the EU are above the legal quotas.

    Europe’s fish stocks have been virtually wiped out by the common fisheries policy. Quotas have been set far too high for decades and are widely ignored anyway. The rapacious Spanish and Portugese have now moved further afield, including Newfoundland where they brazenly fish just outside the Canadian 200 mile limit in an area that is supposed to be no-take following the collapse of the cod stocks there in the 1990s. And what does the EU do about this larceny? SFA is the answer.

  6. What sort of thing were you after, Taddy?