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Just what is it about the Illiberal-left that imbues them with the knowledge that they, and they alone, are the ones which are correct in their thinking? What is the chemical they have been absorbing which wrenches their minds away from being the average easy-going but engaged guy to a narrow-minded bigot whose one response to an opponent is simply “There must be a Law to prosecute these guys with, so that we can then lock ‘em all up”? There must be an algorythm to detect the actual moment when a left-winger is turned from a guy who is prepared to defend a viewpoint, to a zealot whose only solution is to deprive their opponents of their liberty, so as to stop them speaking or practising their views in the public’s space? What is so unnerving to the ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ crew that makes them want to stamp out all discussion of a ‘Science’ which is presumably fixed?

A name, and of course the echoes of a political ‘dynasty’ has come forward to attract our attention; this of course being the latest ‘noise’ from the throat of ‘Environmental Activist’ Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He, knowing all and being supremely confident of his position, calls for his opponents to be brought before the Hague on ‘War Crimes’ charges, as the Laws of the United States seemingly are insufficient to arrest and charge the Koch brothers, so he intends to get them another way. How intolerant of a ‘family member’ whose forebears were seemingly so inclusive; hell, the Kennedy brothers were so inclusive, there wasn’t anyone they wouldn’t screw, just to get ahead!

Closer to home, might I resurrect a name from the past? Remember David Bellamy? Remember the gravelly-voiced tones of that respected botanist and environmentalist? Of course you do. Its just a great pity that you have not seen his face on your tv screen for some ten years now. It is as though he was literally blanked off the public’s consciousness! Why? He committed the high and serious crime of stating that he did not believe in man-made Global Warming. He was instantly dropped from the programmes he had made famous, and, as long as he holds his ‘absurd beliefs’ he will never again feature on any BBC or commercial tv broadcast.

So why do these people act in such a dogmatic fashion? Can they not even contemplate any opposition to their stated cause? Are they worried that someone may just examine their computer calculations, their models, their suppositions of the thickness and spread of Arctic ice? Have they never ever heard of the premise that computer models are not ‘proof’: Facts are ‘proof’!


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2 thoughts on “and its here; proof, in black and white: from my model!

  1. I guess Jr learned a lesson. Being from a family that made it’s money from organized crime, Bobby Sr went on a personal crusade to destroy organized crime. It cost both him and his brother their lives.

    I guess Jr feels safe wanting to prosecute “deniers” since we only laugh at his ilk. The worst thing we shoot at them are jeers and insults, not bullets.

  2. Mike here is a link I put up for Peter, you might enjoy it. It was written by Obama’s climate adviser, but read the second half of the article and what he says about the models.

    Here is an article for you, the part that is important is the second half that describes the modeling. It’s a good piece it doesn’t beat up either side, it just explains a few things



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