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The Fragrant Harbour

By 33230715130361 On September 30th, 2014

Hong Kong has over 7 million people in it. They have a higher degree of personal freedom than those who live in China, but tight government control remains a fact of life for those places in the World that live under the shadow of communism. We should not forget this. The World is a dangerous place and there are those who do not know this. My support is for the people’s struggle against the People’s Republic.

39 Responses to “The Fragrant Harbour”

  1. I wish them luck, but I’m worried about how China will respond. The last time they faced sustained mass civilian protests the result was bloody.

  2. Hong Kong is a special situation, and I don’t expect the Chicoms to dare a Tienenmen massacre here, however much some in the power structure might lust for that.

    It would destroy their world reputation for a very long time. It would cause huge damage to the Hong Kong economy. It would also mean zero chance of ” reuniting ” with Taiwan. The Taiwanese are watching this very closely.

  3. A lot of the Tienannmen massacre was done at night outside the view of cameras.

    That will be completely impossible, now, in Hong Kong.

    I don’t know if the HK police would participate in any such thing the way the PLA did in Tienanmen.

  4. I have seen the TV reports on Hong Kongs’ riots and the Police response to them . It reminds me of the treatment dealt out by US Police , except I have not seen Chinese Police going along a line of sitting passive women and spraying pepper spray directly into their eyes . Nor have I seen the brutality exhibited by US Police forces , being exhibited in Hong Kong .

  5. If the National Endowment for Democracy is linked to these protests that’d be a right shocker.

  6. Shocker!

    The National Endowment for Democracy, the shadowy, notorious CIA front group, has its mucky fingers all over the protests.

  7. Oh, I guess those Chinese can’t think for themselves.

    Good thing we have Pete to point this out.

  8. They certainly can think for themselves, which is why the NED has been funding opposition movements, to neuter this dangerous thinking for themselves business.

  9. So, the protesters are being manipulated by some new Dick Cheney?

    It is in some way inauthentic?

  10. Before our eyes, Pete Moore is turning into an ‘Aberdonian’ – linking to kooky websites and claiming a nefarious conspiracy behind everything that moves.

  11. You speak as though this is a new thing.

    To some, there is always a ” hidden hand “.

    He is basically saying that the protests are inauthentic in some way, that they are being manipulated by westerners. Shameful stuff. I think that the Hong Kong Chinese understand the facts very well. They don’t need any great white fathers to tell them anything.

  12. The blog Pete links to contains lots of comments that ” blame ” the US for the protests in Tibet and Xinjiang China.

    I guess the people in those unhappy regions have no legitimate complaints and that they only protest because the USA tricked them into doing so.

    What is the difference between this dreck and propaganda that is produced by the Chinese govt? Zero.

  13. The operations of the National Endowment for Democracy are hardly secret, nor are they harmful. For God’s sake.


  14. Christ if the NED can destabilise the world’s most populous country, with an GDP of almost ten trillion dollars, with a grant of half a million dollars then get the NED guys running everything because they are amazingly efficient.

  15. Colm –

    Kooky, how?

    Phantom –

    Much of what the NED does is, in fact, secret. The official story is that it was founded to promote deocracy. The reality is that the CIA scandals of the 70s caused the CIA to curtail much of its destabilising activities against targeted regimes. The NED was founded as an ‘open’ agency to carry them on.

    From Latin America to Ukraine (twice), the NED has been behind countless protests, riots and coups. For good reason Putin has clamped down on such foreign agencies. He’s not stupid.

  16. He’s also no friend of democracy or free reporting in his country.

  17. Is Li Kequiang your new hearthrob? Putey Pute gonna be so unhappy to be jilted for the new model.


  18. The students of Hong Kong are amongst the most astute, politically aware, intelligent and independent minded on the planet and the idea that they are being manipulated into protesting by an American group where they otherwise wouldn’t have felt the need to is laughable.

  19. They know what Communist China is.

    A lot of their families escaped from it during the Mao reign of terror.

    BTW we have a Hong Kong Chinese community near me in Brooklyn. There was a lot of emigration in the years leading up to the Chinese takeover of HK from British rule. These hard working Chinese people helped build up the neighborhood.

    These protests are a huge trap for China. They can’t let them continue, yet it is unthinkable that they break out the tanks and machine guns in an area like this that is so completely connected to the world, and Taiwan, etc. Good luck to the protesters.

  20. give poor Pete the benefit of the doubt the CIA are behind the whole thing.

    What is it these people want ? They want the right to pick who they get to vote for. They are not promoting violence in any way.

    So what is Pete’s position he’s against them. He wants these people to be told by the Communist Government of China to tell these people who they can and can not choose to vote for.

    Pete’s position as usual is he supports the dictatorship, while he preaches how free and superior he is because he himself is beyond the foolish act of voting. It must be an evil American plot that anyone else in the world would want to actually participate in such a rigged scheme.

  21. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for many years

    Hong Kong Chinese who escaped deep poverty and oppression from Maoist China


    ethnic Chinese from Cambodia who had half their families murdered by the Communist Khmer Rouge. ( my next door neighbors )

    These are tough, smart, good people who cannot be fooled by anybody as to the nature of Communism. People like this would be among the brave protesters in Hong Kong. They don’t worship anyone’s book, the way some here worship the sacred texts of their gods.

  22. the way some here worship the sacred texts of their gods.

    Please expand on this statement

  23. I refer to Pete and his idolatry of Ron Paul Thought and the baggage associated with it.

  24. lol

  25. Colm –

    Kooky, how?

  26. Pete does not want the Chinese leadership to prevail over the students. I would imagine he very much admires the whole culture and spirit of enterprise that makes Hong Kong such a brilliantly succesfull place and I am pretty sure he would very much be with the students against their Chinese masters, but he just can’t help his paranoid view that the Big Bad Washington power elite must have their tentacles into every protest movement. It is distorting what used to be a strong minded but reasonably rational anti-Statist viewpoint that he has always espoused.

  27. Where’s Allan?

    Why settle for Diet Coke when we can have the real thing?

  28. no distorted is just what he is, distorted and consumed by hate.

  29. Pete

    Just my opinion based on a quick glance at all the “there’s something else really going on” feel about all its articles.

  30. Pete has spoken approvingly of Hong Kong which is fine, but I doubt that he would be much in sympathy with the protesters.

    He sees them as causing trouble for an kind of enemy of the United States, and his sympathies always and wirest with the enemies of the US.

    He has offered excuses on these pages for North Korea ( ” they’re just looking for a way out ” ) and the Taliban ( the US should have accepted a trial of Osama by a Taliban court ) as well as for Putin ( ” better Putin rule in Ukraine than let the neocons rule ” )

    There is a 100% consistency rate. If Mugabe has a tiff with the US, he will be waving the flag for Mugabe.

  31. Phantom –

    You’re wrong, and you shouldn’t put made up quotes in speech marks.

    I said that some in NK want a way out, and it would be better to help them rather than box them in.

    I certainly did not say that Washington should have accepted a trial of bin Laden by a Taliban court. This is nonsense.

    I said that bin Laden was never indicted for 9/11, and that the Taliban offered to surrender him on production of evidence relating to his guilt. These are verified facts.

    Sometimes it’s possible to sympathise with both or neither side in a dispute. No really it is.

  32. Pete please point out any place where you have EVER sympathized with the U.S.

  33. I won’t spend a week trying to find your quote but I pretty clearly remember you criticizing the US for not accepting the Taliban offer of a trial. I imagine that others recall this as well.

    You have had selective and evasive memory before – as when you said you hadn’t made fun of Orange protesters pissing on a Catholic Church only to have some of us bust you with your actual quote ” When you gotta go, you gotta go ” were your words.

    Some times, you tell it like it isn’t.

  34. waddya mean sometimes….

  35. How can anyone sympathise with “the US”?

    I sympathise with the millions of Americans who are royally ripped off by its government and the federal reserve, and with the many who are shot by government paramilitaries for no reason, but if you mean “Washington” – screw Washington.

  36. so as has been said you’re a liar, and nothing but an anti-american propagandist.

  37. Pete is no more anti-American than I am. The reason why patriots like Jim Trafficant ultimately failed is that most Americans have little idea about the Money Power which is shafting them. Things are getting a bit clearer though:


    If Segarra had not made the recordings that she did, we would have probably never heard much from her ever again.

    After all, who is going to believe her over Goldman Sachs and the New York Fed? A minority would, of course, but the general public would have probably dismissed her accusations as the bitter ramblings of an ex-employee.

    But she did make those recordings, and they are causing chaos on Wall Street right now.

    The following is how Michael Lewis (of Bloomberg) summarized the importance of this audio…

    But once you have listened to it — as when you were faced with the newly unignorable truth of what actually happened to that NFL running back’s fiancee in that elevator — consider the following:

    1. You sort of knew that the regulators were more or less controlled by the banks. Now you know.

    2. The only reason you know is that one woman, Carmen Segarra, has been brave enough to fight the system. She has paid a great price to inform us all of the obvious. She has lost her job, undermined her career, and will no doubt also endure a lifetime of lawsuits and slander.
    The New York Fed says that it “categorically rejects” all of the allegations made by Carmen Segarra.

    Of course they do.

    But what is there to deny? The evidence is right there in the audio recordings.

    The New York Fed has been caught red-handed serving the interests of Goldman Sachs, and no number of strongly-worded denials is going to change that.

    The text above is from the site ZeroHedge

  38. Phantom the Diet Coke line was priceless.

  39. here is a good article on the Hong Kong situation if you want some additional information.