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14 year old Alice Goss went missing from her London home on 28th August. A few days later a Latvian immigrant, Arnis Zalkalns, disappeared from his home. Zakalns had been nearby when Alice Goss went missing. He hasn’t been seen since, and the suspicion is that he’s gone back to Latvia.


Police today identified Alice Goss’ body, found in a river.

While it’s important to note that Zakalns hasn’t been charged with her murder, let alone convicted, he has a previous conviction for murdering his wife in Latvia. Even after this conviction he was allowed to live in Britain. He was allowed to stay too after being suspected of drugging and attacking another young girl.

The idea that the State acts to protect the people is laughable and demonstrably untrue. The State which spends billions on security theatre and mercelessly prosecutes Britons suspected of thought crimes chooses not to keep convicted murderers out. It is not powerless to do so; it is a conscious choice.

If Zakalns is the murderer, then Alice Goss is yet another victim of a convicted murderer freed by the state to kill again, this time aided and abetted by those who believe that anyone should be allowed in to our country.

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  1. This case really plumbs new depths of public despair about the utter failure of the governing authorities in Britain.
    There’s no doubt Zakalns did it, and there’s no doubt he’ll be caught soon enough.
    After his term in prison back home, the Latvian police would have been relieved he’d gone abroad and, to make sure he stayed away, made no mention of his murderous past to the UK border chiefs.
    But what happens when he’s caught this time round? UNHCR will step in to muddy the water, yet again no doubt.

    I recall many years ago during the Soviet era when a serial killer in a remote area of the Russian outback eluded capture for years, until he was finally cornered in a logger’s cabin.
    He was taken back to the local police station and promptly shot through the head, in the toilets..

    “At least I can dream can’t I” — as George Carlin once said, about another matter.

  2. //And if he was from Blighty you wouldn’t care one iota//

    Petr, just because you think Britain shouldn’t be importing murderers doesn’t mean you don’t think it has enough already.

  3. Noel — People have agency. They migrate. We don’t import people, we import/export cargo. The nationality of the suspect is irrelevant to those who aren’t racist.

  4. By the way Noel, I was looking for something on ATW the other day and came across this nice chat with yourself and David following Obama’s election in 2008. A few other ATW favourites make an appearance too. You spoke very well.


  5. As Ilan Pappé wrote, the nation-state is “a human invention which appeared relatively recently to serve particular purposes and benefited some but destroyed others.”

  6. //The nationality of the suspect is irrelevant //

    Nationality is irrelevant only insofar as it is not of the host country. Otherwise, every country – like every organisation and group – naturally reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who it believes won’t abide by the rules. Pete’s point was that as this man broke the law in his home country – by murdering his wife – there was reason to suspect he could also break the law of the UK.

    Do you think Ireland should have allowed Nazi war criminals immigrate after WW2?

  7. “Do you think Ireland should have allowed Nazi war criminals immigrate after WW2?”

    Oh stop it, Noel. You’d be better advised having a go at the actual Nazis here rather than asking me such silly questions.

  8. Petr, The point wasn’t about Nazis here or there. It was that either a state has a right to refuse entry to (former) criminals or it hasn’t.

    If you deny it that right, you have to leave the door open also to people that neither of us would like to see in our country.

  9. Petr isn’t a marxist, he’s a Lennonist. His entire political belief is based on the song Imagine.

  10. Haha, Allan…Lennonist/Imagine. Funny. Here’s one for you…some people see the glass half full (me) and some people see it half empty but engineers see it 3x bigger than it really is.

  11. That’s a well played remark by Allan. I bet even Petr would give him some props for that one.

  12. Phantom – had I been joking, I would have left the usual 🙂 Unfortunately I am serious and it is a serious matter. There are millions of ‘leftists’ like Petr whose beliefs are in a condition of frozen adolescence. They really do believe that borders, nations, peoples, races, should simply be disbanded. Strangely (though not once one thinks about it), the corporate sector shares that core belief. That’s because marxism was written by a well-connected jewish bloke who played the Stock Exchange with money given to him by his cousin, the principal sponsor of his writings, Lionel Nathan de Rothschild.

  13. Lennonist is good alright, but not true in my case. John Lennon was a hippy, not a revolutionist. The revolutionist embodies the spirit of active nihilism; there is not an ounce of passivity in his being: to the revolution he marches.

    Allan, Karl Marx lived a good deal of his life more or less in poverty. His big scary (non-existant) JEWISH sponsor wasn’t giving him much money it seems.

  14. Btw…I didn’t see the link for the actual call-in that DV coordinated (Petr’s comment) so I didn’t hear any voices (except the ones I usually hear in my head) but I read the comments…wow…there was a much more inviting vibe back then (must have been during my ATW sabbatical). You all were actually cordial toward each other and it didn’t seem phony.

  15. Mairin — The link is in the post. There’s a little player there, just click play.

  16. Thanks, Petr. I’ll have to log onto a PC or laptop…with the iPad, all I see is a white space. I’m looking forward to hearing it!

  17. You’re welcome. It’s worth a listen, and you are right: everybody was much nicer to each other back then!

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