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By ATWadmin On August 6th, 2008

Delighted to see that Jihadi scum Salim Hamdan has been convicted by a US military jury at Guantanamo Bay of supporting terrorism. The verdict is the first to be delivered in a full war
crimes trial at the US prison in Cuba. Sentencing begins later on
Wednesday. The disappointment is that he will ge away by being sentended to life in prison. The death penalty would be my preferred choice for these convicted war criminals and justice will only be done when they are sent off to see Allah and the 72 virgins. Just wait for the predictable outcry from the liberal left on this one – they are convinced that only the innocent are detained at Gitmo… so how can poor Salim be guilty. It is reported he wept when the verdict came in.
If there is one thing worse than a terrorist, it is a self-pitying terrorist.

7 Responses to “GUILTY AS CHARGED!”

  1. Unless they acquitted this guy and gave him a gold medal, there was bound to be lots of bleating about a "show trial" or unjust system, etc. Stand by for the moaning.

  2. An argument I would have is if it is Terrorism charges, why then was it a War Crimes charge. Surely you David, following the traditional unionist mantra, would disagree that Terrorism is the same as War.

  3. Surely war criminals can only be so if they are of a recognised army of a recognised state? Al-qaeda terrorists are just that – terrorists. If they commit murder or are complicit, then they should be tried on that basis, then dispatched by a rope to their maker.

  4. Funny how the USA administration sets up its own ‘War Crimes’ court, but hasn’t the balls to sign up to the international one. i wonder why?

  5. RS: "Funny how the USA administration sets up its own ‘War Crimes’ court, but hasn’t the balls to sign up to the international one. i wonder why?"

    …maybe it’s because "international" is an abstract concept applying to nothing specifically and noone in particular?

    …and the US Administration is a group of pragmatic adults, accountable to their constituents, trying to run a country called the USA?

    …and the US Admin. doesn’t give a hoot about a bossy, hypothetical, elite group of lefty internationalists who are unelected, and accountable to noone?

  6. Patty, what utter nonsense. Your basically saying the USA plays by its own rules, Na Na Na Na Na !
    Tell me why the USA should be held to a lower set of standards then?

    The USA will always be laughed at when it emplys such blatant double standards. I take it then your a fan of isolationism, maybe you should move to North Korea !

  7. RS: "Your basically saying the USA plays by its own rules,"

    mmm…yes, I am saying this. You see, America is a sovereign nation.

    She has treaties and international agreements, of course, but last I checked America answers to America not some international uber government.

    This is the way the world works. If internationalists/leftists wish to conquer America and subject her to their oversight and approval sign-off, they will have to do more than just whine about how unfair the world is.

    That said, Obama is an internationlist/leftist, and he cares deeply about "being laughed at" – so if he’s elected you can bet that he will kowtow to any international outfit that sticks its head up.