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A comment upon the previous thread led me to search for this small clip from ‘Contact’ the sci-fi film based on Carl Sagan’s novel of the same name.


These days, I have little time for the various talking heads which claim to represent the so-called Religions of this world, or even less for those Religions themselves; as I wrote in a small piece on my own blogsite a few years ago. Have a read, and then maybe you will understand why I maybe accept that there HAS to be a Supreme Guiding hand which founded this sprawling, infinite Universe, we simply don’t have a real clue either what His or Her, or even Its name might be, we have not read any words from the Hand of that Supreme Being; and we certainly do not have a close grasp on any message which may have been sent from those twinkling stars.

Some may remark that to extract a short clip from a sci-fi movie, and use it to illustrate a belief, or even a lack of belief, is either facile or absurd; but is it not equally absurd to state a belief that, through the ALLEGED words of a Man who lived over two thousand years ago, we should adopt a certain code of ethics; or, taken from a different Book, the written words of an illiterate goat-herder which were remarkably spoken to him by an angel, and from those words have spread the whole panoply of Islam; or should we ignore those religions, and place our faith in Buddhism, or Hinduism, or even, slightly closer to home, the strange and somewhat silly beliefs of the Wicca?

As with all things Religious; You pays your money, and You takes your Choice!


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5 thoughts on ““I had no idea!”

  1. interesting piece, I loved the movie Contact. The character played by John Hurt (SR Hadden) I truly enjoyed. Your piece puts you aligned with the character played by James Woods (Michael Kitz) or do you view yourself more attuned to Arroway?

    For those that have never seen the film the references won’t make sense. Arroway is Jodie in search of ET and has no belief in god, Hurt plays a Howard Hughes type, the character is actually based on a man whose name escapes me but is a billionaire that has his own space program. He has had an unmanned platform in orbit for years. James Woods is a politician that see’s only danger in the contact from space and denies the results. He is not motivated by religion or science only preservation. The religious aspect of the movie is handled well by Matthew McConaughey as a new wave preacher.

    We are all Finite beings Mike. We all ask of ourselves and of our world “is this all that there is?”. Religion has been how mankind has sought the answer to that question for as long as we have been here.

    Religious institutions are the original political bodies of mankind, and as such are flawed. They can be corrupted no matter the founding premise.

    I am a man of faith. I was raised Catholic, but I don’t consider myself to be one. There are to many political things that interfere with Faith for me to subscribe to any church.

    The question of your Title “I had no idea” is the modern challenge. We do now have more than just an idea. We KNOW that the Universe is vast, that life in that vastness is more commonplace than not. It’s basic chemistry.

    The amino-acids that constitute the basic building blocks of life come from the dust of the stars. They are expelled by the billions of suns in the universe and land on the planets orbiting them. When the conditions are right you get life as we know it.

    Now all this chemical and physical action in the universe follows rules. Did something write those rules or did they by their composition of just being create themselves?

    If there is a god he is a god of everything, why would he concern himself with us? There after all by just doing the math are billions of worlds identical to ours with life just like ours.

    Could be that there is not just one god, but a race of them as many cultures believe. In that case we could be their entertainment. Their chess pieces, and occasionally they influence the game of each planet by planting seeds.

    Seeds in a form to influence, a christ and a mohamed.

    I guess I kinda drifted here, but what I’m trying to say is religion and science are neither able to prove or disprove whether a creator exists, let alone what it expects of us.

    As a species we do not know more than what we do know. Which is also the case of every individual. How we deal with our lack of knowledge and understanding is the realm of religion, science, and politics.

    It always comes back to the individual, and in those circumstances I say trust your gut. We all know inside us when something is right or wrong. Now is that the voice of god inside us, or just centuries of genetically acquired common sense?

    Either way, we all have it. Those that lack it we read about in the papers. They are the ones we need to be concerned about.

  2. The themes expressed by Mike and Troll are well worth exploring , but as a serious academic exercise into the nature of mans’ being and the forces that brought the Cosmos into existence .
    Contact was ,for me , a Revelation , in that it put into a visuliable form some 50 years of my philosophical thought exercises of the nature of the Cosmos . The beauty and truly awe inspiring views that Arroway sees are at last being revealed to us by the orbital telescopes .
    We know that Contact was a work of fiction , but by the foremost astrophysicist of our time ; could I suggest that Sagan was making a prediction .
    Now a confession , In all of my studies I have yet to believe that a God created the Heavens ; that it was formed by some intellect is beyond doubt .

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