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and all done without ‘Sponsorship’

By Mike Cunningham On October 25th, 2014

When one of the usual ‘Record-breaking’ stunts is performed these days, usually to loud applause and cries of ‘Look how brave I am’ from the breaker, usually whilst wrapped in the flags of the commercial sponsors, I tend to turn the page rather quickly. I have no time for  the thrill-seekers, the self-promotion, those amongst us who are preparing their next book which tells how they did, or usually failed, to accomplish the feat of endurance, or other foolishness, which has been the object of their self-imposed striving.

I can understand (just), the antics of a younger Branson, tearing across the Atrlantic in his kayak-on-steroids, as he was publicising his company’s name, along with his airline; which is why I both applaud and approve of the Google executive who broke the world record for altitude before freefalling and then parachuting back to a rather tame Earth from an astounding 135,890 feet in the sky.

This amazing individual  said Google had been willing to help with the project, but he declined company support, worried that his jump would become a marketing event.

Now that is what I would call a true record, and what is more, for his self-effacing and humble attitude, he should be accepted as a true model of how Englishmen used to behave, before the advent of skanks who just want to be ‘famous’ commenced their invasion of the airwaves.


One Response to “and all done without ‘Sponsorship’”

  1. Impressive but hardly interesting for the common man.

    This however is far more interesting & impressive, and it took this young chap over three years to complete, without sponsorship either.
    It had it’s maiden flight earlier this year:


    Available only in the UK.