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I wonder why it is that so many of those who convert to Islam then decide that it would be a good thing to kill innocent people?

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the slain 32-year-old suspected killer of a Canadian Forces soldier near Parliament Hill, Ottawa, was a labourer and small-time criminal – a man who had had a (cough) religious awakening and seemed to have become mentally unstable.

An axe attack on police officers in New York City was a “terrorist attack” by a self-radicalised recent convert to Islam, Police Chief Bill Bratton has said.

Two Muslim converts who ran down then hacked to death Fusilier Lee Rigby on a London street were convicted of his murder today.

Now people convert to various religious faiths ALL the time. But we don’t hear too many stories about someone becoming a Methodist and then seeking to cut the head off a soldier. We don’t hear about someone converting to Judaism and then wielding an axe at police officers. There is something DIFFERENT about Islam – and we need to face into this. Whilst I accept the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people, there is a significant minority who follow the Jihad and who seek to gain our submission to their “faith”. These are the same people who in the year 2014 have introduced crucifixions back into our vocabulary thanks to their spread in Iraq and Syria.

And herein lies an even more disturbing observation. It seems that the more DEVOUT someone is with Islam, the more dangerous they can become. The Koran is the source of Islamic State’s pathology, it is the source of these conversions so that begs the awkward question what is IN the Koran that seem to set off this wicked and pathologically violent behaviour?

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4 thoughts on “SEE NO EVIL….

  1. I too have noticed this trend.

    The 7/7 Bombers were not Arabs. They were Pakistani’s and an a Afro-Caribbean. This is significant, not for racial or cultural reasons, but religious. The Koran is in Arabic, not English, or Punjabhi (sp). Therefore, non-Arabs are ALL technically converts.

    To me, it means that they are somehow a seen as a ‘sub-class’ of believer and, in order to be seem and accepted as true Muslims, they have to ‘out faith’ all the others. This means that they have to read and adhere more closely to the scriptures. This coupled with their weak and impressionable minds means, that verses from it are used to justify their behavior. And since it believes non-Muslims are bad, they must either be converted or destroyed. And since the Koran ‘is’ the literal word of Allah, it cannot ever be changed.

    It is therefore, in my view, more cult than religion, and like a lot of cults, is nihilistic in both view and outcome.

  2. //The Koran is in Arabic, not English, or Punjabhi (sp). Therefore, non-Arabs are ALL technically converts.//

    That’s nonsense, Mark. How could someone who was born a Muslim and whose family had been Muslims for hundreds of years be a “convert”. The Koran has been translated to almost every language in the world.

    But I do agree with you that it’s significant that the terrorists you mention were not Arabs. In fact, the people who carried out 7/7, the Boston bombings, the murder of Lee Rigby and a score of other attacks were not Arabs; and the 9-11 terrorists didn’t live in Arabia (nor were they exposed to any of the deprivations that normally turn young men to terrorists).

    The significance is, however, not religious, as you say, but psychological. One thing they all have in common is that they were all living away from home (this factor is also present even in many attacks within the ME). Being exiles in one form or another, they identified with an idealistic view of their background much more than someone would who was confronted with the realities of it every day.
    The same phenomenon can also be seen in many other groups, where members living away from the homeland are often the most zealous.

  3. The same phenomenon can also be seen in many other groups, where members living away from the homeland are often the most zealous.

    As with Rotherham, now Sheffield as a whistleblower reveals. White girls are the booty for the adherents of this ideology, but who let the savages in?


    Hundreds of young people at risk of child sexual exploitation in Sheffield were let down by police, a whistleblower has claimed.

    Ann Lucas, who ran the city’s sexual exploitation service, told BBC News she had regularly passed details about alleged abusers to senior officers.

    The adherents of islam must be returned to dar-al-islam.

  4. And related to how muslims raped (and continue to rape) British girls en masse, one of the agents was caught wandering around the European Parliament without a worry in the world:

    Child Abuse Campaigners Warned MacShane in 2009 …But Rotherham MP Never Replied and Didn’t Act on Claims

    Scoop from the Yorkshire Post: in 2009 child abuse campaigners in Rotherham sent a five page letter to Denis MacShane detailing concerns about widespread abuse in his constituency, but received no response. In the letter, to which MacShane was copied in, the campaigners wrote: “I would appreciate your urgent response to this letter and more importantly your speedy and effective intervention on this case before one of the children, or another, gets hurt”. Guido publishes it in full here:

    Renowned for his honesty, MacShane says he has no memory of the letter. The convicted fraudster visited the European Parliament yesterday, where UKIP MEP Jane Collins raised a Point of Order accusing him of “turning a blind eye to the abuse of 1,400 children in one of my constituencies and he’s in the coffee bar like a bad smell”.

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