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It’s blindingly obvious that Obama has been no friend of Israel for years now but this seems to be crystallising into a genuine crisis in recent days;

There is a crisis with the Americans and it needs to be addressed as a crisis,” Finance Minister Yair Lapid said Saturday after ongoing tensions between Washington and Jerusalem led US officials to block Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon from meeting with senior administration officials during his current US visit! We mustn’t pretend there isn’t a crisis,” Lapid told a crowd in Tel Aviv Saturday. “Our relations with the US are vital and everything that can be done must be done to end this crisis.”

Indeed. The bond between the PEOPLE of the United States and the PEOPLE of Israel is strong but the problem resides in the White House and those Jewish people who vote Democrat have contributed to this situation. It’s not that Obama hates Israel, I think he just doesn’t really care that much and has little emotion invested in Israel. His enthusiasm to cultivate better relations with the Arab world (which has failed miserably but hey, that’s just a pesky detail) seems to have taken precedence and so we have the unseemly situation arising where US officials actively BLOCK the Israeli Defense Minister from meeting administration officials.  I am sure Hamas would approve.

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11 thoughts on “NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL…

  1. They should keep their mouths shut. Without US help they won’t be able to massacre as many Arabs.

  2. Noels been drinking with Allan.

    The sad thing is this should be seen for what it really was, payback for Ya’lon insulting Kerry. When Kerry was in Israel to “fix” the Palestinian problem he got into a toe to toe argument with Ya’lon over settlements. This shut out of the White House was a petty tit for tat by the Obama inner circle.

    Ya’lon did get to meet with his opposite number Chuck Hagel and Hagal made sure that Ya’lon knew why he was shutout.

    Finance Minister Yair Lapid is only making a fuss in Israel because he is making a political play there.

    This WH is hostile to Israel, Bibi knows it, and the rest of the Israeli Govt knows it. They only have to put up with this for 816 days more…. just like the rest of us

  3. I love the picture… tell me what do you think the thought is in Bibi’s head when they took it

  4. …they should certainly stop their incessant ‘special pleading’, after-all they’ve got the US war machine to wreck much of the middle east for them; have maintained sanctions against Iran, and now doing the same to Russia.
    They’ve got it made man! What more do they want from Obama?

  5. Bibi is a most ungrateful beggar.

    No amount of US aid can be enough, and any deviation from Bibi’s positions will be the subject of public moaning

  6. I’m a friend of Israel. I want the west bank annexed fully, the Golan Heights too in order to provide security, and I want its jewish population to double. Nobody here is as friendly to Israel as I am.

  7. I think he just doesn’t really care that much and has little emotion invested in Israel.

    Why should he ‘care that much’ or invest any emotion?

    The fact of the matter is that, presumably because of the Zionist lobby in the US, the US has continuously held Israel’s hand. To say that Israel has sometimes bit the hand that feeds is an understatement.

    You speak as if the US has a perpetual obligation to support Israel. It doesn’t.

  8. The creation of Israel in 1948 was done with the best of motives. But it was arguably the worst thing for world peace that has happened since WW2. It has plunged the region into an endless cycle of wars and instability. What happened to the Palestinian Arabs in 1948 was ethnic cleansing, nothing less, and we have been living with the consequences ever since.

  9. There is a Senate election campaign on-going in Georgia. The electoral race between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue has, according to Jewish Business News, been attracting “Jewish Attention.” Campaign finance filings from the current quarter are not due to be released on Oct. 30, but Politico reported Oct. 14 that teh Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) spent $800,000 on TV ad buys in Atlanta on behalf of Nunn and is expected to spend $200,000 more in the coming weeks.

    And the source of this money?


    The campaign’s finance plan draws attention to the “tremendous financial opportunity” in the Jewish community and identifies Jews as key fundraisers. It notes, however, that “Michelle’s position on Israel will largely determine the level of support here.” That’s a position she has yet to articulate — her message on the subject is marked “TBD” in the document — and Israel goes unmentioned on her campaign website.

    So, if an American politician is ‘on-message’ on Israel, jews will fund the campaign. That is – ‘American’ jews will fund a politician’s campaign if his/her views on a foreign country are sound.

  10. Obama’s failure has not been that he has not been accomodating Israel, but rather that he is accomodation them too much.

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