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When I read this story, I actually did check to see if the date on the webpage was correct!

I was reminded of the two lumberjacks who were transported into the midst of the forest wilderness by helicopter, and told to cut down everything they saw for the timber trade. They were given all the tools, saws, axes etc. but they had to build their own accomodation once on site. For company, they were each presented with a smoohed and polished plank with a knot-hole mid-length, as there was no chance of any other getting through the forest.

Three months later, the helicopter arrived to ascertain progress, but found a small log cabin in a small clearing, and behind the cabin, a single grave complete with marker. When the pilot asked the survivor what had happened to his dead comrade, the wild-eyed timberman shrugged and replied, “I found him with my plank!”

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2 thoughts on “I will always love ewe!

  1. MIKE,

    That’s not funny. Remember, besides holes, planks have feelings too.

    I married my plank. When we’re not playing "hanky-planky" I use her for a surf broad (heh).

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