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The UK Independence Party grow stronger by the day!

SUPPORT for Ukip has surged to a record high following Brussels’ attempt to hit Britain with a £1.7 billion “surcharge”, a new poll shows today.  

It puts Ukip on 19 per cent, a jump of four points on last month and one point above its previous record support in June.

The Conservatives are up one point to 30 per cent to bring them level with Labour, which has slumped by five points to its lowest level under Ed Miliband.

The Liberal Democrats are down by one point to nine per cent, the Greens unchanged on four per cent and others unchanged on seven per cent. Today’s ComRes poll underlines Ukip’s growing appeal to voters turning their backs on both Tories and Labour.

UKIP’s potency is located in the fact it is now appealing to BOTH Labour and Conservative voters and this explains why despite only having ONE MP thus far in 2014 (there will be a second next month) Nigel Farage suggests that the Party could get up to 100 MP’s next year at the GE.

My hope is to see a Conservative/UKIP coalition next May, with Farage appointed Europe Minister. That should bring lots of lolz.

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9 thoughts on “THE GROWTH CONTINUES….

  1. Nigel Farage suggests that the Party could get up to 100 MP’s next year at the GE.

    They’re doing well at the moment, but it will be a struggle to retain the two MPs they’ll be going into the election with. The fptp system is not kind to emerging parties with geographically dispersed support.

  2. This article agrees with you, Ross.

    BTW, that “one point above its previous record support in June” refers to June 2013 apparently (see article), and a 1 pc point gain in a year and a half is hardly a surge.

  3. Too bad we have so few women here at ATW, because any of them could say that a man who claims something very small will grow very large is not a new thing.

  4. Is it just me or is that UKIP logo is corny and outdated already.

    I don’t like the colors of it, and I don’t like the fact that the logo is dominated by a money ( pound ) sign.

    What are they the Tea Party string pullers, who only care about money? That is not a symbol meant to last the ages.

  5. I almost feel sorry for UKIP

    19% is nowhere near good enough.

    Sinn Fein will win more seats than UKIP in 2015 which tells you all you need to know about our voting system.

  6. I think the UKIP logo was discussed on ATW a few years ago…it had something to do with defeating the Euro and keeping the pound sterling I think. It might have been their first ‘claimed’ victory.

  7. //Is it just me or is that UKIP logo is corny and outdated already.//

    Also the name has a string of funny associations, especially considering the txting use of “U”:

    In British English “kip” means to sleep somewhere informally, as in “I’ll take the bed and you kip (or “U KIP”) on the floor, alroih ?”.

    In Irish slang a “kip” is a dive, a dump, as in “That pub’s such a kip, I’m never going there again.”

    I was recently in Holland and discovered that “kip” there means a fried chicken. I cracked up when a foreign waiter with little English and asked to recommend something said: “Well, here you can have frieten and a kip”.

  8. I doubt that UKIP will get anywhere as they simply do not understand what they are up against. The Golden Rule – know your enemy. Here is the new executive editor of The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland:


    Jewish interests permeate Freedland’s journalism, most obviously in his ardent advocacy for the end of White ethnic predominance in Britain. He is highly active in promoting the demographic decline of Whites in England. At the conclusion of the 2012 Olympics, Freedland responded to the 2011 British census, pointing out that “the country is now less white and less Christian. In 2001, white people accounted for 91% of the total population. In the latest census, that figure is down five points to 86%.” He expressed the belief that 1948 was a pivotal year in British history, because it “saw the arrival of the Windrush, the ship bearing the Caribbean migrants who would change the face of Britain.” He cajoles his readers into the belief he is a jolly old Anglo-Saxon with clever references to “we” and “us,” arguing that “we should love the country we have become — informal, mixed, quirky — rather than the one we used to be.” Freedland was part of the multicultural journalistic establishment which lavished panegyrics on the Mogadishu-born runner Mohamed Farah, and insisted on the skeletal Somali’s ‘Britishness’ even when the opportunistic African moved to Portland, Oregon as soon as his profile reached a level sufficient for him to gain a US visa.

    Freedland was also part of the large-scale propaganda effort to inculcate in the British the notion that because the mixed-race athlete Jessica Ennis was capable of running a certain distance at a certain speed, that mass miscegenation would be a progressive step for the nation. In the same article, Freedland reported gleefully that “White Britons have become a minority in London, accounting for only 45% of the city’s population,” and ended with the astonishing remark that “the main story is surely that this country has undergone a radical transformation in this last decade and the ones before — and it has done so with relative peace and relative calm. No one will hand out any gold medals for that, but it’s a kind of triumph all the same.”

    Just to repeat: Freedland is stating openly, in the internationally circulated Guardian, that the decline of White Britons to minority status in the capital of their own ancient nation is a “triumph.” Freedland lays special emphasis on the fact that the British have allowed this to happen without reaction, and with “relative peace and relative calm.”

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