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Because Friday night is really the pagan festival of Samhain.

A couple of hours gazing at Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain would normally be a good day out for me and my boots. It’s all about communing with the old people in a glorious, ancient landscape. You can’t beat it. Unfortunately today my communing was done in a traffic jam on the A303 as I passed by the stones, or what the National Trust probably calls “The Stonehenge Experience”.

But the darker half has arrived anyway so tonight, dear listerners, it’s Ozzy’s tribute to a man once thought of as truly evil. I just love a great riff, and it’s high time we had the genius of Rhandy Rhoads here. Ozzy’s axeman was killed tragically young, but he might just have been the greatest guitarist of all if he hadn’t taken a doomed plane ride.

As always, feel free to link to whatever sounds you’re into –

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