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At the ripe age of 74, I honestly thought that there were no more surprises in my life, but there is, indeed; no fool like an old fool.

myjacquelineMy wife’s mother died a couple of weeks ago, and the wider family gathered for her cremation, without my presence: because my wife is ill, and she depends upon me for everything; but my eldest son and my daughter attended both the cremation service and the gathering afterwards.

One of the things produced to celebrate my mother-in-law’s life was a video compilation of photographs taken over her life-span, which was 94 years; and I received a copy. I played the whole show, and suddenly, I was taken back in time to the evening that I first met my future wife. One family photo, which I had never seen before, showed her in the midst of the photo, but she was wearing the very dress which she wore when we first met. We met in the Empire Ballroom in Leicester Square; we met, and I knew within ten seconds that this was, indeed, the girl for me. The smile on her face in the photo was the same as I remembered watching in fascination as we danced, and talked, and danced again. The video photo is unavailable at present, but I shall find it, and I shall hold it as close as the woman whose smile still reminds me why we married, all those years ago.

The ravages of illness have not been kind to my love, but, occasionally, very occasionally, I see the light in her eyes which attracted me to the woman who has borne my children and been my companion for over forty-seven years.

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16 thoughts on “For Jacqueline.

  1. Noel,

    That photo was taken about a month before our marriage; some forty-seven years ago. She was lovely then, and she will always be lovely to me.

  2. //She was lovely then, and she will always be lovely to me.//

    I believe you. There are few things more beautiful to see than a young woman in love looking forward to a new life.

    It’s strange, perhaps, but in a simple photograph you can see not only the virtues of a person, but that of her or his environment, her whole generation.
    Here you can see honesty, commitment, modesty, simplicity. Great things in any person, of course, but things that are all too rarely found today in young women and men.

  3. Mike,

    My condolences on your loss. And a lovely tribute to your nearest and dearest. Fond memories really are the ‘icing on the cake of life’.

  4. That touched me, my wife was disabled in a work related accident 2 years ago. We try to carry on as normal as possible but it can be hard seeing your loved one in pain and trying so hard to put a brave face on.

  5. Mike – It is a lovely photo and what shines out from it is the obvious look of love and contentment on your wife’s face . She looks like the cat that got the cream, and how wonderful that you were both blessed to be able to honestly say that about each other through your clearly rewarding married life.

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