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The above image says it all, really. It’s from the latest horror show brought to us by Islamic State and shows 16 Jihadi preparing to decapitate captured Syrian soldiers. It is suggested that two Frenchmen, a German and a British man are amongst the executioners.

Where to start?

Well, what is it that makes these men want to kill fellow human beings in SUCH a barbaric fashion? This sort of mass killing is something that humanity should have left behind CENTURIES ago. Why is it that ISLAM brings us this grotesquerie? And what do we do about it?

I believe Islamic State should be pulverised into the dirt of IRAQ and SYRIA. As you know, that is not happening and so whilst it seems IS is suffering setbacks in IRAQ, it maintains its Syrian fortress. Obama’s hopeless prevarication over Syria is central to the problem here and there seems little evidence this will change anytime soon. There is also the question of whether we should send in…gasp — ground troops. I can see a case for this – but only if the mission is the utter destruction of IS. It’s not about Nation building, it’s about IS demolition. However I think our political leaders have no desire to contemplate this and so IS can continue to prosper, propagate and kill.


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25 thoughts on “IN THE SAVAGE LAND….

  1. You might think that all nations in the world would want to participate in the rapid and total destruction of ISIS. This is not the case, but you might think that it would be.

    I cannot understand why any Iraqi soldiers continue to surrender to ISIS. They must know the fate that awaits them. Better to die fighting on your feet than defenseless on your knees.

  2. Ok – so David has been persuaded that ‘we’ should send ground troops into Syria. But don’t think for a moment that the real purpose will be to destroy IS or whatever acronym langley gives it. The purpose of any ‘troops on the ground’ will be mission-creeped to attack President Assad, and the Daily Mohel will carry plenty of ‘horrific’ photos of gas attacks, babies thrown out of incubators etc. to persuade DV et al that Assad Must Go. Look at the picture above – it’s horrific, except it isn’t: it’s just intended for one thing only, and it’s working.

  3. Allan

    I invite you to take a journey to the ISIS territory so that you may see it for yourself.

    But before you go, list me in your Will if you would?

  4. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4567871,00.html

    Katz, 51, was born to a Jewish family in Basra, Iraq’s second largest city, and was forced to flee the country after her father was executed by the regieme for allegedly spying for Israel. At the age of six she made Aliyah to Israel with her family, living in the coastal city of Bat Yam, directly south of Tel Aviv.

    After serving in the IDF, she competed her BA in Middle East Studies at Tel Aviv university and then moved with her family to Washington, moving on to become a prominent figure on the world of research into radical Islamism and terror. She founded SITE in 2002.

    Katz would not disclose the number of staff SITE employees, but said it was a small and dedicated team.

    So, she just ‘moves’ seamlessly from Tel Aviv to Washington DC? This is an operation of the type described in By Way of Deception – that’s Mossad’s motto, and there are plenty here who are willingly deceived.

  5. You don’t seem to realise Phantom, that Islam is a fatalistic religion. When things go wrong they throw up their hands and declare that it’s the will of Allah.

    “Allah Mahtub!” — It is written. A popular Arab expression.

  6. IS are vile but also weak. Even with hardware from the Iraqi army and tacit support from Turkey* the outgunned Kurds have kicked their arse in Kobane. I’ve nothing against bombing them but they’ll lose anyway.

    * On the subject of Turkey did anyone see Erdogan’s recent comments about the Muslim discovery of America?

  7. IZZY is safe and will remain safe for quite awhile. Since 2001 there have been huge segments of our political systems who sought to gain advantage by claiming the falshood that the War on Terror was about Oil, or about GW wanting avenge his father, or Halliburton wanting to gain contracts.

    They did everything they could to convince themselves and the people that we of the west were the threat not the radical jihadists.

    Well it worked, and everyone cheered as all the troops were brought home especially the jihadists.

    Now the radical jihadists are killing without opposition, they are gaining more and more strength daily laughing the whole time.

    The elements in our societies did an excellent job of convincing everyone there was no threat. Now that they have been shown that all that the screamed against war on terror was false they are paralyzed because they would have to admit that it they who were wrong.

    The result is 1000s more of our people will die because people lied in our countries for political gain.

  8. This is a dialectics template. The ‘Administration’ wants troops in Syria in order to overthrow Assad and give Syria a shiny new central bank, and a national debt owed to the same clique that owns the new central bank. Oh – and any gold would be sent to new York ‘for safety’. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of motivation amongst the cannon fodder so a problem has to be created, and then the solution will be that which the Administration wants, this being US troops on the ground and indiscriminate air-strikes against the ‘enemy’. Now, the play is having its effect:


    Americans would support sending more U.S. troops to fight the Islamic State if U.S. strategy in the region were clearer, Sen. John McCain, a longtime critic of President Obama’s foreign policy, said Monday. And without more specialized troops, he said, the U.S. mission against the Islamic State will fail.


    McCain has urged that the U.S. also target forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    But who gains from all of this? Perhaps the zio-jewess Rita Katz would know?

  9. Allan

    Are you willing to explore Isis land in order to get the ” real facts “?

    Fly to Amman, hire a taxi to the border

    C’mon buddy, you can be our eyes and ears over there.

  10. Now the radical jihadists are killing without opposition, they are gaining more and more strength daily laughing the whole time.

    No they aren’t gaining strength, they’ve been beaten back from Kobane by the Kurds and their much reported advance to Baghdad turned out to be a farce. The only areas in Iraq where they have made any progress is the Sunni Arab areas and against unarmed Yezidis. A Sunni militia taking Sunni areas from a sectarian Shia government in Iraq is not a sign of a rampaging army threatening the world.

    Keep bombing ISIS, supply the Kurds with weapons and push the Baghdad government to be less sectarian and they will soon melt away.

  11. Phantom – your diversion reeks of the usual desperation. That’s the third post you’ve typed out ‘inviting’ me to go to Syria, yet not a single word on the zionist SITE, its boss, the Israeli Rita Katz who just ‘moved’ to Washington DC from Tel Aviv, the desire of the ‘Administration’ to have ground troops and air strikes against ISIS which will then conventionally mission-creep over to the real target, Bashar Assad who dines with John Kerry who is every bit as Irish as Rit Katz. There – plenty to discuss, yet not a single word – just desperate evasion, as always.

  12. What will be left of those parts of Syria and Iraq by the time that ISIS goes away?

    The Kurds, unlike some others, are effective fighters. More power to them.

  13. Allan my brother

    Your focusing on a website, that is the diversion.

    What is your take on conditions inside the ISIS state?

    You usually have perfect information on all things, so let’s hear it

  14. What will be left of those parts of Syria and Iraq by the time that ISIS goes away?

    A lot of dead people, which is why I support bombing them to make their inevitable demise occur sooner.

  15. Troll- yes IS are being defeated, they can’t advance into Shia or Kurdish areas and American air power is destroying them. Their siege of Kobane has fizzled out, their advance on Baghdad has failed and just this week their siege of a major oil refinery in the north of Iraq collapsed as well.

    They’ve overreached and will now pay the price.

  16. They should be shown the same mercy that they have shown to others.

    Of course, if the well trained and well equipped Iraq Army had performed with any competence or courage at all, there never would have been an ISIS in Iraq. There are multiple reports of well armed Iraqi soldiers running away, including running away from bases that ISIS didn’t even enter.

  17. That’s because the Iraqi army under Maliki became a Shia occupation force in the Sunni areas and knew the locals would turn on them the moment they could.

  18. This is a Muslim, Arab and Middle Eastern problem. I see no reason to be involved. Let Izzy move south on towards Mecca and the rest. Then sit back with copious amounts of popcorn and let, Allah decide on the winner.

  19. I hope you are right Ross.

    Mark B. Sounds good if they stay in the ME, somehow though I don’t think they will.

  20. Phantom, on November 17th, 2014 at 8:10 PM Said:

    Your focusing on a website, that is the diversion.

    Phantom – the Israeli-run SITE is the portal for the ‘horrific’ photos and videos emitted by ISBS, and that is fact as seen at 6.23pm. SITE is run by Rita Katz, ex-IDF and who effortlessly moved from Tel Aviv to Washington DC where (see links at 6.23pm and 6.29pm)

    Ms. Katz has personally briefed government officials in the White House, Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Homeland Security on terrorist financing and recruitment networks.
    Ms. Katz is the author of TERRORIST HUNTER: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America.

    but she is NOT Mossad-trained?

    In order for the dupes to be sufficiently motivated, a group of bad men is needed because, once those bad men are pressed into the minds of the dupes, John McCain will be able to get troops into Syria and airstrikes against ISBS but then (see link at 7.52pm)

    also target forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad

    which is the real purpose. And there will be more of this –


    A young Syrian boy has been hailed a hero after a video showing him running through sniper fire to save a girl emerged online.

    The one-minute clip shows the boy running from the left side of the frame and coming under fire as he dashes towards a car-wreck.

    …..experts told The Telegraph they have no reason to doubt its authenticity

  21. Allan

    If the evil Jews are lying about your peaceful Isis, why don’t you go and find out the truth?

    Why is this a hard concept to grasp?

    We’d all wish you godspeed if you went to mingle with jihad John and the lads!

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