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Washington undecided on U.N. resolution for Palestinian state

By Jeffrey Heller and Lesley Wroughton

JERUSALEM/ROME (Reuters) – Israel said it hoped the United States would veto any moves at the United Nations to set a time frame for its withdrawal from territory Palestinians seek for a state, but a senior U.S. official said it was too early to say.  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Rome on Monday to discuss various proposals for a Palestinian state that are circulating at the United Nations.  Later on Monday, Kerry will travel to Paris for talks with European counterparts and then on to London to meet Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat and a delegation from the Arab League, who will urge the United States not to use its U.N. Security Council veto to block the proposals.  “The Palestinian draft through the Jordanians contains a hard deadline for the withdrawal from the West Bank of two years, so that is not the way we would look at handling a very complicated security negotiation by simply mandating a flat deadline of two years,”  A Palestinian official who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity said the resolution will be presented on Wednesday.

obama1-compressedIf a Mandatory Timeline is demanded and ordered by the U.N. for an Israeli withdraw to the 67 Borders and it is not vetoed by the U.S. The Israeli’s will immediately go on a War footing. It will have the effect of escalation nothing else.  Gaza, land that was given to the Palestinians Judenfrei immediately after Israeli withdraw started to attack Israel from Gaza. Less than 6mths ago Israel had to invade Gaza to end daily missile attacks on civilians. There is no reason for the Israel’s to expect anything different now.

On Sunday there was a Parade in Gaza of 2000 terrorists and a slew of Rocket Launchers.  Now I ask you how you think that was viewed by Israel?

The Obama Administration is frustrated over Kerry’s failure to make any ground in Israeli/Palestinian Negotiations.  They made no progress because not only does Israel with good reason not trust the Palestinians, they have almost as much distrust of the Obama Regime, and Obama knows it.

The question is, Will this President force a timeline on a situation that you can not put a timeline on?  There is a simple answer to that.  YES

Look at his track record.  The withdraw of American support and troops from Iraq was “Due to a so called Bush Timeline”. We all can see the results of that as we watch a westerner beheaded on TV almost weekly, but hey Obama’s hands are clean.  A U.N. Resolution with a Timeline that ends the same time Obama leaves office… Hell that’s made to order.

Once again his inaction will lead to war and the deaths of 1000s while he can and will say he had nothing to do with it.

No mater what side you fall on in this issue I ask do you believe that a Resolution like this will do anything other than escalate the hostility?  Neither side trusts each other, there are still daily skirmishes.  So the august body of the U.N. is going to demand that one side, the stronger side must surrender.

When the Israeli’s refuse and disregard this Resolution the Palestinians will demand support from the United Nations will your country send troops, weapons to aid the Palestinians? Obama wont be President, do you think the next President will sit back and not aid Israel?

Hell why should Obama Veto such a resolution, it gives him the Victory for the Islamists that he has aided his entire Presidency and when the shit hits the fan he’ll be out of office…. not his problem, not his timeline.

If Obama was that stupid the United Kingdom could also Veto such a Resolution…. does anyone believe they would?

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