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Several newspapers carry the news about the help given teenaged muslim girls by the terror group Islamic State to travel to the newly-established ‘Caliphate’, and there to breed, as usual, like rabbits whilst ‘marrying’ their ‘jihadi’ heroes. The Times (paywalled) splashes it Front Page, on top of the fold, as it tells of the ease with which they were to ‘infiltrate’ the jihad’ network, and how gullible young muslims are attracted to the messages of hate spewed by these murderous clowns. The newspapers all demand that ‘something should be done’ to stop the exodus of suicidally-inclined muslim girls and women; supposedly dazzled by the glamour of blowing either themselves, or someone else, into myriad pieces of bloody flesh and mangled bone.

Well, surprisingly enough, I do not agree with this policy of obstruction. After all, they haven’t committed any crime within this Kingdom? So what I would propose is, if these stupid brainwashed clones all want to travel to meet with their heroes, we should expedite their travel, give them a speedy run to Luton, and organise a big band send-off to their sandy cemetery.

We should also commence an advertising campaign telling these truly silly people that they WILL be joining the seventy-one, and as soon as they sign on the dotted line stating that under no circumstance would they be returning, and paying over the cost of the plane fare, we could get many more rag-heads to join the circus, and in a very short space of time, our own terrorist problem would have been significantly decreased.


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4 thoughts on “sign here: and die there!

  1. I have been saying this elsewhere for a little while now. And it is good to know more and more people are beginning to agree with me. Unfortunately, the Bubble-dwellers in Westminster and elsewhere are yet to catch on to the merits of this plan. It seems they have discovered their own version of useful idiots and, are will to deny them and me the right to go wherever I so please. Since when has this country changed is name from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland too, the Peoples German Democratic Republic ? More Commonly know, as East Germany !

    It truly is a win-win.

    They, the wannabe Jihad’s get what they want. We get what we want. Issy gets what it wants. And all the others get to use their recent;y purchased Western weapons.

  2. The trouble is, these dangerous jihadists happen to be British citizens and do have the right to return to the UK if and when they survive their Islamic State ‘adventure’. Apart from the moral wrong of allowing them to travel abroad to inflict terror on other innocent people, we face the danger of that terror blowback returning to kill people on our streets back here.

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