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I see there’s much jollity over the claim by a US “terrorism expert” on Fox News that Birmingham is “muslim-only city”. Hey, he’s just ahead of his time, or maybe he meant to say Bradford.

I suspect that the reaction (apparently social media, whatever that is, is having lots of fun with the claim)  had as much to do with him being on Fox at the time as much as anything, though insofar as it’s an intelligence failure it’s right up there with “Iraqi WMDs” and “the Norks hacked Sony”.

Apparently Emerson rowed back and admitted his error, which makes him more honest than Powell and Obama, adding that Birmingham is “beautiful”.  He can’t get anything right at the moment.

It was BBC Radio 5 Live which told me about it, and they went on to produce their own “Fox News Guide to Britain”, including lines such as “Cornwall is where the walls are made of corn”. Oh my sides.

Tony Livesy was the presenter, a former Sunday Sport editor responsible for these magic headlines. You’ll never be in a position to laugh at another broadcaster with that back catalogue sunshine.

In the end I’m grateful to Emerson though. Global death, terror and the systemic raping of thousands of young British women can’t get the BBC to notice muslims, a feat which Emerson achieved.


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28 thoughts on “A FOX PAS

  1. What I’d like to see is many many more Muslims moving to the UK, and the racists and fascists moving out! 😉

  2. I think the newsreader woman was probably more surprised at hearing there was another Birmingham outside of Alabama.

    As to the ‘expert’, his over dramatic apology was almost more cringeworthy than his ‘Britain has joined Islamic State’ hype.

  3. Fox News brought a necessary corrective to TV News in the US. They were not of the limousine liberal consensus, itself a great thing.

    The only problem was/is that they hardly ever covered the news. They were/are lightweight entertainment and Ron Rove RNC talking points. Never one thing more in any day of their existence.

    Also, they hardly cover ” foreign ” news. Even England is a foreign language to them.

  4. And he is one of the best of them

    He did not dismiss the need for health care reform out of hand the way most on that channel did, in line with the RNC

  5. It’s not the news agenda and viewpoints that annoy me so much about FOX NEWS. It’s the dramatic musical noise all the time and the explosion in a luminescent paint factory colours that they bombard the viewers with. Tone it down please, we are not 3 year olds needing kaleidoscopic distractions !

  6. //He did not dismiss the need for health care reform out of hand//

    True. He also gave Obama a fair hearing from the start, which can hardly have made him popular with his bosses.

  7. …we are not 3 year olds needing kaleidoscopic distractions!

    I think the whole point of the noise and colour is to distract you from the nonsense they are speaking…

  8. O’Reilly is a cranky uncle but he has spoken straight on this

    Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly can speak straight with courage at times

    The rest tend to go with the program

  9. Hanners is the worst. RNC talking points all the way. And he sprays ad homs around like confetti.

  10. Hannity doesn’t pretend to be honest at any time.

    He is 100% Republican Party national committee down the lime, straight party ticket.

  11. CNBC is straight Democrat Party all the time, Fox News in reverse.

    Both are much closer to RT TV that they would ever admit. They slavishly stick to a script with terribly few exceptions.

  12. not that I disagree with your analysis Phantom because for the most part I do agree. I am just however oh so curious what is your Primary Source for News?

    Just curious.

  13. Wall St Journal

    NY Times


    Al Jazeera TV US Edition (surprisingly honest on foreign affairs )

    All have agendas and must be seen in that context

    France 24 is good also.

  14. I start here


    The entire world at your fingertips. There is not a single piece of journalism that isn’t slanted one way or another. If however you can glance every newsfeed in the world as you can from this site you can find several takes on the same story and there will be facts shared by all of them no matter the spin.

    do yourself a favor take a nice slow look at this site. It’s been around for 20yrs.

  15. I will check it out.

    My main beef with Fox is not that they slant the news.

    It is that they don’t cover the news much at all, especially ” foreign ” news

  16. I read your first two, I have an internet radio that allows me to listen to all the BBC 1,2,3 etc etc I’ll fall asleep usually to that… can never balance out the time shift so I don’t know what show I’ll find

    Never watch the last 2.

    I actually don’t watch very much news at all. I’d rather scour the headlines on the internet. The TV is for movies and series.

  17. RefDesk is a bit of a clunky sit no flash, but you want a link to most newsfeeds world wide if it exists you should be able to find it there.

    Along also with curiosity stuff This day in History, Picture of the day, quote of the day, Russian newspapers, Iranian newspapers etc etc

  18. Surprisingly, RT in the UK / Europe is capable of some journalism.

    The US version is a clumsy Pravda replica. I can’t possibly imagine who they think takes them seriously

  19. here is a sampling of international sites that are linked

    Afghanistan News – Al Jazeera America – Al Jazeera English – Asahi Shimbun – Asia Today – Canada Online – China Daily – Haaretz Daily – Globe and Mail – Guardian – Inter. Herald Tribune – Irish Times – Itar-Tass – Japan Times – Jerusalem Post – Korean News Service – Kyodo News – Le Monde – Lebanon Daily Star – London Times – London Telegraph – People’s Daily – Pravda – Sydney Morn. Herald – Seoul Times – Sky News – Taipei Times – WorldNews.com – World Press Review – Xinhua – more >>

  20. RT in Europe this week had a documentary about the seizure of land from poor people by governments and private entities in Africa, Cambodia, and Latin America.

    It seemed honest.

    In the US, they basically only do ” Occupy Wall Street ” bullshit type exposes.

    Also, CNN outside the US reports on foreign countries while CNN US does not do much quality reporting of news outside the US.

  21. dude… have a good night. I’m fighting the flu for the last 5 days. I keep going from freezing to sweating and coughing my head off.

    I’ve got a nice cup a tee (earl grey honey and lemon) and a fat Dominican Cigar that I shouldn’t smoke…..

    I’m gonna find some nice mindless violence on the tube and zone. G’nite

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