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24B1C1E500000578-2909810-image-m-76_1421256159728I thought this was telling.

A mother and daughter who reportedly weigh a total of 43 stone and receive £34,000 a year in handouts say they’d rather be happy and on benefits than depressed and thin.

Janice Manzur, 44, and her daughter Amber, 25, use mobility scooters as their weight means they struggle to get around, while Janice’s home in Kirkcaldy, Fife, has been modified by the council to accommodate her disability. Mother-of-two Janice has been claiming benefits since 2006, while her daughter has not worked for more than two years.  Together they reportedly receive around £33,600 in benefits a year, which is the equivalent of someone earning £46,000 a year before tax.

But the pair have no plans to diet, and say they are happy being overweight, despite the risks of obesity-related health issues. ‘I’d rather my daughter live life on benefits being fat and happy than depressed and thin,’ Janice, who weighs 26st, told The Sun‘s Jenny Francis. As well as her scooter, Janice gets around in a wheelchair-accessible Fiat Qubo car, worth around £15,000, which she gets £200 a month in benefits for.  There is a disabled parking bay outside her home and a ramp has been placed outside her house, making it easier for her to access.

This is how our taxes are spent. On these idle parasites who stuff their fat faces and bloat on Welfare. I have a suggestion and it is this. How about we starve them of Benefits and see if that helps encourage them to go out and find employment. In turn, that might help them lose some of the lard?

Of course the European Union has determined that being OBESE is actually a form of disability and thus potentially meaning even MORE benefits. And you wonder why we have a problem?

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  1. It’s interesting that in Clare in the west of Ireland was stone of potatoes was 16 pounds in summer and 18 pounds in winter.
    Maybe because the spuds contained more moisture then.

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