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Now’t much to worry us, apart from….

By Mike Cunningham On January 14th, 2015

There was an email from Grassroots Conservatives which expressed outrage at the ten-year-old pupils of a private Christian-ethos school being questioned as to ‘what Lesbians did, and if any pupil ‘felt trapped in the wrong body’

Now as to the suitability of these questions, and their place in an inspection supposedly about British values; I have many and varied comments and criticisms, but most would be allayed if one question could be asked of the Ofsted Inspection Team; namely:-

Have all these questions been asked, individually, of the ten-year-old pupils at a Muslim faith school?

3 Responses to “Now’t much to worry us, apart from….”

  1. How about if they asked you if you ever felt trapped in the wrong century?

  2. How about if Mike posts something that isn’t about ‘mincing poofs’ or ‘uppity blacks’ or ‘bloody muslims’

  3. Colm – do you not think/feel that there’s something wrong about asking 10-year-olds about lesbians?