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Government authorities in Belgium got ahead of events and managed to stop some terrorist activity by Islamic terrorists.  Two suspected terrorists are reportedly dead in the raids (how not sad).  It would not be hyperbole to suggest more to come.  Any time the authorities can get the jump on these folks is a good day.

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15 thoughts on “No Waffling in Belgium

  1. Good to see those Antwerps Ghent what they deserved. We need to get the edge on these guys and Belgian police definitely had Liege yesterday.

  2. not that we can’t look it up ourselves, but is there a story you could have linked to that might actually flesh the story out, give us some details?

    They managed to stop some terrorist activity by Islamic terrorists…. what kind of activity did they stop or say they stopped

    Two suspected terrorists are reportedly dead in the raids (how not sad)…. yes not sad at all, did they raid their homes, mosques ?

  3. The Islamists apparently opened fire with heavy weaons on police when the raid came; fortunately nobody except the terrorists were hurt.

    Today all Jewish schools and centers in Belgium have been closed, so one can assume the planned attack was directed against some of them.
    Just last year, Islamists attacked a Jewish museum in Brussels and killed 3 people, which puts the PussyRiot museum romp into some perspective.

    For such a small country, Belgium has a big problem with these nutters. Around 300 Belgian Islamists went off to Iraq and Syria to fight with ISIS, more than half the numbers from France and Germany. Around half of these have in the meantime returned (and it seems the 3 from yesterday were returnees) and about 50 are currently facing criminal prosecution in the country.

  4. Well done the Belgians,obviously, but……
    Had it happened in Belfast?
    Obama would have been foaming at the mouth about due process, shoot-to-kill, heavy handedness etc.
    And the usual suspects would be demanding immediate enquires into the ‘government forces’ actions.
    A lot that infest this blog would be calling for the police involved to be charged with murder.

  5. //Had it happened in Belfast?//

    JM, it appears the terrorists in Belgium opened fire with machine guns when the police raided; that would give the police reason to fire back, in Belfast or elsewhere.

    In Northern Ireland, in most of the shoot-to-kill cases the victims weren’t even armed.

  6. JM, does every comment you make have to relate back to NI?

    Noel has nailed the difference. Although, you do raise a valid point about the hand-wringing that takes place any time the police here and in the UK are involved in any sort of incident where someone is injured (even a car-chase, for example). It is right that such incidents are investigated but I wonder is there too much emphasis on determining police culpability thereby making them less likely to act decisively when needed?

  7. Yes, but David has tried to broaden the subject matter beyond the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone.

    Of course, there is nothing wrong with parochialism if it’s your cup of tea.

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